While Customer Success Is Not the Same as Customer Support, the Two Go Hand in Hand!

Customer success and customer support teams are not the same but these two work hand in hand. Find out how!

Customer Success and Customer Support go hand in hand
Customer Success and Customer Support go hand in hand

Customer success is a separate field altogether because we are dealing with proactivity, data analysis, product adoption, and NPS feedback. The process involves regular coordination with support, product development, engineering teams, and marketing.

In contrast, customer support is all about being responsive and quick to all queries. Assisting the respective departments in keeping them updated on the product or issue at hand. The customer support department coordinates with the product, engineering, and customer success departments primarily.

Though these two teams are different, it is crucial that these two work together. Here are a few suggestions for coordinating these two groups:

Maintain constant contact

It’s very important for these two teams to stay in constant contact because this will help them to better understand the business and product together. Customers shouldn’t feel as though these two departments are working in silos.

Feedback loop closure

The customer success team must close out any feedback from the support team regarding the ticket and similarly, any feedback a support representative receives should be immediately forwarded to the customer success team

Enhancing the product together

The support team resolves issue after issue every day, while success looks after the account. Bringing these two teams together would be a great asset for the product team to grow!

Let’s also discuss the situations in which customer success and customer support should not interfere with each other. Separating responsibilities is crucial. Their responsibilities should remain separate. Support teams should be responsible for solving the support tickets and getting back to the CS and product team with any feedback if required and success teams should manage the customer proactively. Customers should know the difference between these two POCs and the responsibilities they’ll be taking care of, this actually helps in reducing the chaos between the teams.10

Hence, it is very important for customer success and customer support team to work together and have the right boundaries because that really matters.

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