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What Is a Customer Success Engineer?

What is a Customer Success Engineer and what are some of their primary skills and responsibilities? Also, how much do they make annually? Spill those beans here.

Simran Mohanty
May 7, 2021

customer success engineer

In the Customer Success niche, you would have definitely come across designations like Customer Success Manager, Customer Success Leaders, and Customer Success Officers too. But there is less surety if you have met a Customer Success Engineer (CSE) in the given space. If that is what you have been pondering about lately, this blog will put an end to those queries, hopefully. Today, we will learn what a customer success engineer is and what are the skills and responsibilities required to wear the CSE hat. Without any further ado, let us get started right away. 


Table of Contents 

  • Who is a Customer Success Engineer?  
  • Skills and Responsibilities of a CSE  
  • Salary of CSE World Wide  

Who is a Customer Success Engineer?  

Just like the name suggests, the customer success engineers look into the technical deployment and implementation of the particular product or service to the customer. It again depends on the nature of the product, its maturity in the market, and its complexities that require the CSE to delve into the customer’s needs.  

If a customer is unable to understand how the product should work, or if they face some grave technical glitches, (which is not something that they can fix easily), that is exactly when a customer success engineer comes into play. They help the customer reach a firm or steady state and once they do that, the CSE goes into the next implementation. 

How does a day in the life of a Customer Success Engineer look like? If you are wondering the same, then watch this informative video by CSE Chen Arbel, where she speaks about her experience on the team, why she loves the intersection of coding and working with clients one-on-one, and why she cherishes the people behind the platform. 


Skills and Responsibilities of a CSE  

Like most of the corporate roles where skills are achieved and sharpened during the tenure – you too can expect the breadth of your hard and soft skills to broaden up. Here is enlisted the range of skills or experiences that are usually expected from a customer success engineer: 

Technical Skills/ Hard Skills: 

  1. The CSE is expected to educate the team members with the correct technological know-how and draft out technical documentation if the need arises. 
  1. For the smooth deployment of the technical processes, the CSE is responsible for building the tools and automation in accordance with the company’s needs. 
  1. The CSE should also have expertise in debugging technical issues at the various levels of the stack and ensure that they lessen or eradicate at the earliest. 
  1. In case of an escalation that needs the intervention of any other team or the higher positions of the same team, the CSE should manage and intermediate between the same. 
  1. The CSE should also scope efforts for deployments and new integrations on a timely note, as and when required. 
  1. Needless to say, the engineer in the customer success domain should be extremely proficient in technical and software development skills. 
  1. He or she must also have a complete understanding of the product architecture and be totally familiarized with the cloud-based solutions and databases as well. 

Communication Skills/ Soft Skills: 

  1. A successful manager is one who has the perfect blend of hard and soft skills. On that note, the CSE too should have a good emotional intelligence quotient. He or she must be able to empathize and observe the subtle tendencies of a customer’s needs. 
  1. The CSE should be well-versed in the particular working language and should be able to communicate well with people from all walks of life. 
  1. Just in case, a customer reaches out with some technical queries, the CSE must know how to patiently handle the case and explain to the customer the solutions with love and empathy. 
  1. Also, they should be able to render the customers with some of the best practices for integrations and suggest how to derive the best out of their products. 

Salary of CSE World Wide  

It is a common question – how does a Customer Success professional make? There, the salary of CSE too does not take a backseat. Here we will put some spotlight on the average salary that a customer success engineer makes around the globe. Note that these salary estimates are put forth on an average and depend on a lot of factors such as the standard of living of the country, GDP per capita, employment and unemployment rates etc. 

Customer Success Engineer Salary in India 


The national average salary for a CSE is ₹7, 32,000 in India. The lowest salary stands at ₹302K to the highest being at ₹2,125K.  

Customer Success Engineer Salary in the USA 


The national average salary for a CSE is $97K in the USA. The lowest salary stands at $64K to the highest being at $147K.  

Customer Success Engineer Salary in the UK 


The national average salary for a CSE is £41,658 in the United Kingdom. The lowest salary stands at £26K to the highest being at £66K.  

That’s a Wrap  

In the blog, we learned that the customer success engineer is responsible for the technical know-how of the processes and for the rightful implementation of customer success. We also ascertained that he or she is the product expert who owns a customer-service mindset and serves as a trusted coach to the customers during the deployment of the technical solutions. At the end of the day, both the customer success managers and the customer success engineers aim to imbibe a healthy relationship with the customer where both the company and the clients are benefitted. A successful company is the one where the customers are successful.  

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Originally Published May 7th, 2021, Updated May 7th, 2021

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