The Roles and Responsibilities of a Customer Trainer (and 7 Essential Hiring Tips)

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Customer Trainer (and 7 Essential Hiring Tips)

Are you aware of the roles and responsibilities of a customer trainer? Do you know how to hire a customer trainer? If not, check out this blog today!

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Customer Trainer
The Roles and Responsibilities of a Customer Trainer

Customer success involves a variety of professionals who focus on delivering the best for customers. Customer trainers educate customer success managers and customer service representatives. If you want to be a customer trainer, you must know the roles, responsibilities, and duties.

Who is a Customer Trainer?

A customer trainer is one who focuses on mentoring and training customer success professionals. The goal is to ensure customer service experts learn about the industry, niche, and product. A customer trainer creates worksheets, prepares agendas, meets persons online and in-person, and surveys customer behavior. Customer trainers need to be skilled, learn quickly, and be adept at using technology.

Role of a Customer Trainer

The role of a customer trainer is one that is included in the customer success department. The customer trainer takes care of how different departments coordinate with each other. Customer trainers guide different departments in the purview of customer success. The role of a customer success trainer includes-

  • Creating manuals and instructional documents to guide customer success managers in various situations
  • Collaborate with other teams and departments to create a training module
  • Find patterns in customer success and improve accordingly
  • Train customer service executives and managers based on feedback and performance
  • Educate customer service professionals on company offerings- product and service
  • Training executives on how to handle different customer situations via mock phone conversations
  • Create winning PowerPoint sessions for employees and customers
  • Conduct training sessions on the product or service and help other managers with training sessions

Responsibilities of a customer trainer

These are the responsibilities of a customer trainer-

  • Creating educational material and collateral such as manuals, videos, blogs, and more
  • Conduct in-house tests to understand and develop skills such as teamwork, negotiation, and conflict management
  • Make it easier for customer success managers, customer service experts, and employees to understand the product and service
  • Helping customer success managers with classroom-style seminars
  • Find skill and learning gaps
  • Ensure zero communication gaps and schedule courses
  • Update and maintain the training material and curriculum
  • Monitor customer issues and solve them
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction is essential, and ensuring regular feedback
  • Recommend improvements to customer experts and product teams alike

Skills and Requirements for a Customer Trainer

It is important to keep certain skills and requirements in mind to hiring someone as a customer trainer. This includes-

  • Previous experience as a customer trainer
  • Knowledge of learning management systems
  • Experience or worked in customer service positions or sales
  • Experience in HR or related
  • Open to travel regionally and nation-wide
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to learn

7 Essential Hiring Tips for Hiring Managers while choosing a Customer Trainer

Hiring a customer trainer can be challenging work. You need to choose someone who will be a good customer service leader and help strengthen a team. These seven tips that will help you pick a customer trainer and hire the right professional for the job.

List out the skills you want in a customer trainer

A customer trainer needs to have some skills as a compulsory notion. This can include empathy, a sense of humor, or even more. Some of the common must-have skills for a customer trainer are conflict management, anger management, persuasion, emotional intelligence, tech-literacy, and a positive attitude. They need to be good with words, people, and body language. List out these skills and more to find them while hiring a customer trainer.

Check compatibility and knowledge

You must hire someone who will get along with existing team members and employees. An employee who does not fit into the company culture, timings, and work environment will leave soon and disturb existing processes.

Use social media

Use social media to hire the right candidates. You can search on LinkedIn to know more about relevant candidates. Even if you have zeroed in on some candidates, you can use social media to know how the candidate’s personality is and what they do. This will help you analyze if they are the right fit for the company or not. You can even post job vacancies and encourage them to apply.

Write a clear job description

You must create a clear job description that demonstrates what your job title is and what the requirements are. A decent job description will attract relevant candidates to the company. It should include skills, working hours, time zone, work schedules, experiences, and reporting details. A good JD is half the work done right.

Place your job ad in the right places

Once you are done with the job description, you need to post your ad in multiple places. This will ensure that the job availability is exposed to relevant candidates. You can also post on your website, LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Simply Hired, and more. This will help your job catch the eye of many job seekers in the same space.

Understand if they have similar experience

It is obvious to hire someone with similar experience and qualifications. In some cases, candidates may have relevant experience as trainers, HR leaders, or more. This will help focus on the fact that the candidate is suitable for the job. You can investigate their CV to know if they have similar skills, and speak to them about their mindset and learning capabilities.

Ask if they have any questions

A good candidate will ask questions throughout the interview process. You can also consider this as their interest in the job. You can even probe the candidate to know if they have more questions. Some questions will show their interest in learning, preparation, and sincerity regarding the job.


While hiring a customer trainer, keep their skills, experience, and interest in the job as the main factors. You need to find the right candidates to set up onboarding and training on a relevant basis. You must also invest time in skilling existing employees and customer representatives to ensure they perform better.

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