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Top 30 Customer Service Experts to Follow in 2023

Here is our take on the top 30 customer service experts you need to follow in 2023.

Top 30 Customer Service Experts to Follow in 2023
Top 30 Customer Service Experts to Follow in 2023

A look back at the past few years reveals the many significant changes in the world of customer service. The credit for these changes goes to the customer service experts who helped redefine the industry.

Today, almost all companies, irrespective of the industry they operate in, give special attention to customer service and make rigorous efforts to ensure customer success. Considering this scenario, it would be essential for companies to follow some of the leading customer service experts and learn from their experiences.

This will help you stay up to date with the trends and best practices of customer service. In this article, we have curated a list of the top 30 customer service experts you should start following to learn more and gain better insights into the industry.

Here is the list for you –

1. Adam Toporek

Adam Toporek is a globally-recognized keynote speaker on customer experience. He is known for his ability to help firms reimagine their customer care. He is the owner of CTS Service Solutions, a customer experience firm that grew out of his blog ‘Customers That Stick.’ Toporek also authored the book “Be Your Customer’s Hero”, and co-hosts the podcast ‘Crack The Customer Code’ along with Jeannie Walters. Following him would help customer-facing executives offer contextual support, which is critical for a better customer experience.

2. Adrian Swinscoe

Adrian Swinscoe is a globally recognized customer experience consultant specializing in customer service tactics to help businesses succeed. Through his blog, workshops, and keynote presentations, Swinscoe emphasizes the importance of customer-centricity in bridging the gap between help and experience.

3. Annette Franz

Annette Franz, the founder & CEO of CX Journey Inc., is an internationally recognized customer experience consultant. Having served the industry for over 25 years, Franz helps firms build transformational CX strategies. Franz co-hosts the popular #CXchat on Twitter. Franz hosts top customer experience thought leaders on the chat and shares their perspectives, tips, and workarounds regarding customer experience.

4. Bill Quiseng

Bill Quiseng is a well-known blogger and professional speaker who gives valuable keynote sessions on customer service. His interactions provide real-world experiences to give frontline workers so they can manage customers and develop meaningful relationships and brand loyalty with them.

5. Blake Morgan

Blake Morgan is an author, keynote speaker, and customer experience futurist with experience in customer experience leadership services. Through her ‘The Modern Customer’ Podcast, Morgan aims to provide detailed insights about customer-focused digital transformation.

6. Bob Thompson

Bob Thompson has a wealth of expertise in customer-facing areas such as customer service and sales. He has founded CustomerThink, a platform that brings together other thought leaders from the field of customer experience. It acts as a repository for critical customer-focused knowledge that the experts themselves have created. Bob is the author of the best-selling book Hooked On Customers.

7. Bruce Temkin

Bruce Temkin is a renowned expert in customer experience management who specializes in all aspects of customer-centricity. He is an expert in customer-centric business strategies and helps firms generate fresh, actionable insights, most of which have already become industry standards. Temkin has expertise in customer service, marketing, interaction design, and leadership strategies.

8. Carla Johnson

Carla Johnson is a reputed author, keynote speaker, and storyteller. She uses the power of storytelling to motivate businesses and individuals to take action. Through her social media interactions, Johnson encourages her followers to think creatively to come up with better ideas – an important skill for customer support teams.

9. Chelsea Krost

Chelsea Krost refers to herself as the Millennial brand consultant and ambassador. Her Twitter feed is full of stories regarding Millennial trends, as well as advice on how businesses may appeal to Generation Z and Millennial customers.

10. Colin Shaw

Colin Shaw is a renowned thought leader in customer experience and the CEO of the customer experience consultancy Beyond Philosophy. He has authored six books on customer experience. Shaw runs a blog through which he provides many valuable insights into customer service. He also co-hosts the podcast ‘The Intuitive Customer,’ which tries to decode customer intent.

11. Dan Gingiss

With over 20 years of corporate experience, Dan Gingiss is an expert Customer Experience and Customer Service consultant and a Chicago Keynote Speaker. He is the author of the book ‘Winning at Social Customer Care’ and co-hosts the podcast ‘Experience This!’, which aims at helping businesses create remarkable customer experiences.

12. Des Traynor

Des Traynor has co-founded the platform Intercom, which facilitates customer interaction needs, starting from marketing to product development support. Owing to his years of experience in the field, Traynor shares valuable insights and tips to improve sales & marketing, and products.

13. Evan Shumeyko

Evan Shumeyko is the director of Client Experience Strategy, BNY Mellon. He is a growth strategist working for the financial, healthcare, and insurance industries. He assists customer service assistants by providing them with a variety of digital marketing tools to improve customer interactions.

14. Flavio Martins

Flavio Martins is a well-known leader in the world of customer service. He is an expert in operations involving customer and technical help. Using his 15+ years of experience, Martin provides expert tips on his blog, Win The Customer. His tips assist executives in overcoming problems due to changing customer behaviors.

15. Hiten Shah

Hiten Shah has co-founded several businesses, including Product Habits, Quick Sprout, FYI, and Crazy Egg. He helps understand the habits that product teams need to cultivate to speed up the company’s growth. His content marketing program aids bloggers in creating, improving, and sharing material to boost traffic.

16. Jay Baer

Jay Baer is a customer experience advisor who assists brands in attracting and keeping customers. Along with his expertise in customer expertise, Baer is also a content marketing expert offering social media-centric customer service advice.

17. Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne Bliss, author, and blogger about customer experience, has over 35 years of experience as a customer experience professional. Her followers can get valuable insights into the field. She also provides the tools required to deliver customer experiences that help businesses grow.

18. Jeff Toister

Jeff Toister, the president of Toister Performance Solutions, works with customer care teams to help them realize their full potential. His services include personnel training, customer feedback program implementation, and customer service culture development. As a customer service writer, Toister shares a lot of tips and trends about customer service.

19. Lincoln Murphy

Lincoln Murphy is one of the most important influencers in customer experience. He helps businesses improve their sales, customer retention, and advocacy through genuine customer success-driven growth. Murphy is well-known for his contribution to the field of customer success and can assist people in understanding what customer success is and how to implement it.

20. Marsha Collier

Marsha Collier has authored 48 books about customer service, social engagement, and eCommerce. So we cannot say if there is anything that she doesn’t know about customer service. She created the #customerserv chat in 2009 – a platform to discuss everything related to customer service.

21. Martin Hill

Martin Hill-Wilson is a customer service strategist and leader with extensive experience in customer experience (CX), and artificial intelligence (AI). In his blog, Hill covers all aspects of customer service, including customer engagement, customer service, customer listening, social business, social media, call center leadership issues, and customer-centric culture.

22. Micah Solomon

Micah Solomon is a renowned customer service experience expert who contributes to This keynote speaker, consultant, and best-selling business author have been named by the Financial Post called him the “Guru of Customer Service Excellence.”

23. Nick Mehta

Nick Mehta, the co-founder of GainSight, a leading customer success company, emphasizes creating real corporate cultures. He assists businesses with implementing business strategies to create excellent user experiences.

24. Pete Abilla

Pete Abilla is a well-known growth marketing leader. Pete’s work in Continuous Improvement, Queueing Theory, and Innovation have been referenced in academic papers and business school case studies.

25. Richard Branson

A firm believer in turning ideas into reality, Richard Branson is the founder of the Virgin Group. He has been the brain behind entrepreneurial strategies that helped them grow in a short period. He is passionate about bringing people together through business concepts.

26. Richard Shapiro

Richard Shapiro is a well-known customer service guru who emphasizes customer loyalty and satisfaction. He has dedicated his 28 years of experience to gaining a superior understanding of customer loyalty. Follow him to gain a better, and deeper understanding of what motivates customers to return.

27. Roy Atkinson

Roy Atkinson is a writer, lecturer, and analyst in the service management and support industry. He is a top influencer in the service and support industry, and his knowledge has been featured in several publications.

28. Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken is the owner and Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations, and a world-renowned keynote speaker. Hyken is known for his expertise in customer service training and provides regular customer experience keynote sessions.

29. Steve Curtin

With an experience of over 20 years in sales and marketing, hotel operations, and training and development, Steve Curtin is a thought leader and speaker dedicated to serving customers. He delivers interactive and engaging presentations.

30. Tristan Bishop

Tristan Bishop is a well-known name in the industry. He is the senior director of digital communications strategy at New Relic, Inc. Bishop develops global social strategies across all communications functions. He is a digital influencer in customer service with over 20 years of experience.

Final thought

Customer experience and customer service are aimed at the satisfaction of the customer. While personalizing communications is a good way to keep customers happy, it is not the only way. Remember that it is a continuous process that involves redefining every interaction according to their needs and expectations.

Following experts in the field serves as a great opportunity to understand customers and cater to their needs. With their guidance, you can enhance your understanding of customers, create a customer-centric work environment, and implement best support practices.

Coming to the list, do you think we have missed anyone? Let us know.

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