Essential Email Management Tips for Busy Customer Success Managers

What are some of the best email management tips for the customer success managers who are strapped for time? Read on the blog to unlock your answers.

Essential Email Management Tips for Busy Customer Success Managers
Essential Email Management Tips for Busy Customer Success Managers

What is the average time you spend in a day managing your e-mails? An hour or so? As a Customer Success Manager, you tend to receive and revert to a ton of incoming and outgoing e-mails every day, and that is a part of your job. As per a report by McKinsey, reading and responding to e-mails consume as much as a whopping 28% of our workweek. This is a big number and poses a threat to take over our lives. While that holds true, some of us also have the constant e-mail OCD to check on our mailbox once in every 30 minutes or so. To save you from all of that, here is a blog specially curated for you that draws out 5 essential email management tips for Customer Success Managers. Let us get started with the list right away.

Table of Contents

  1. Learn how to Categorize and Label your Folders as per your Need
  2. Allocate a specific time for combing through your Mail Box
  3. Unsubscribe to the e-mails that need to be unsubscribed
  4. Pause your Inbox as and when required
  5. Turn Off your Social Channel’s Notifications

Learn how to Categorize and Label your Folders as per your Need

Do not get swayed with the big bulk that you receive on a daily basis. To save you from all that clutter, consider categorizing all your folders and label them accordingly. Let me give you an example here – say, you are into operations and go out for a meeting once a month. In that case, you might do away with just one meeting folder. On the contrary, if you are someone from the sales background, you might have to head to multiple meetings in a day and will be needing multiple folders in your mail box. Hence, learn how to prioritize, group, filter and sort emails into categories to create an organized inbox. The more is the process refined, the easier it will become to locate important and specific emails at the time of need.

Allocate a specific time for combing through your Mail Box

As mentioned above, some of us have constant anxiety of looking into our mail boxes and checking in even when there are no missed out notifications. The first and foremost point here is to allocate a certain time of the day to deal with your incoming and outgoing mails. Make it a point to put this on your calendar that you denote an allocated time every day to go through your mails and not hover around the rest of the day. This will not only save up on any further time waste but also ensure a higher end on productivity side. Even if you are working in a higher managerial position and get time-sensitive e-mails, you can sure deploy this strategy.

Unsubscribe to the e-mails that need to be unsubscribed

Yes, there have been times where we unintentionally click on the e-mail subscription ticks before leaving a site. Know which promotional e-mails you want to see on your site and which ones should head right into the spam folder. Additionally, you might as well mass unsubscribe if the amount of such promotional e-mails you receive on a daily basis is too high. This will not only bring into room for decluttering your mail box but also your peace of mind to some extent. Anyways, these e-mails have one task of filling up your mail box’s space and that is no good either. Therefore, hit the unsubscribe button as fast as you can.

Pause your Inbox as and when required

Yes, you can now actually pause your inbox. If you are starting to get overwhelmed with the number of e-mails and want to take a break for all that, you can now take control of when to send or receive them. You will find many such tools online that act as a personal assistant for you and remind you if you are anticipating a revert from the other end. Additionally, you may also reply to an e-mail while you are on the go and have it arrive at the same time when you want it in the inbox. Sounds like magic? With a tool like Boomerang, that is a reality. Boomerang also gives a host of other features such as scheduling emails, setting up auto-responses or hide emails till you want to see them. What more? In the free plan, you get 10 free message credits. 

Turn Off your Social Channel’s Notifications

As tempting as they can get, social media handles are as distracting too. You really do not want to know who liked, shared or subscribed to someone’s cooking channel and know more on the cricket scores, especially when you are on your 9 to 5 route. For every little thing that goes on your social channels ultimately invade into your inbox and take up a lot of unnecessary space and time as well. Therefore, do yourself a quick favor and turn off all of these notifications from these social channels right away. Deactivating each of these email notifications ensure that you have some free up time, space and more clarity in your mailbox.9

Parting Thoughts

Maintaining some essential email management tips has become the need of the hour for busy customer success managers. While each of these five pointers will add more clarity and sanity into your systems, there is no definite right or wrong way. Managing e-mails need imbibing some rules and a little discipline which may take a while. You can think of it like developing a new habit. Hence, allow it some time. With that, you will have to figure out on your own, which way works out the best for you.

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