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How the Metaverse Will Transform Customer Experience?

Metaverse is the new buzzword that has created a major buzz across the globe. In this blog, we look at the impact of metaverse on customer experience.

Metaverse for Customer Experience
Metaverse for Customer Experience

Wouldn’t meeting new people in the comfort of your home be interesting? With a virtual reality headset, you can experience any outdoor happening like a movie, a café, or shopping in a new cartoon avatar. You can build real relationships through online avatars and customize them as much as possible. Metaverse makes all this possible and more. It is not a passing trend but the start of another dimension. The advent of metaverse translates into opportunities and challenges for all sectors- more specifically, customer experience.

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is an integrated reality that houses interconnected spaces online where users can interact, play, work, meet, and conduct transactions. It is a parallel world to the physical world, virtually. Metaverse became popular with Facebook moving to space in 2021. Even Microsoft is starting the metaverse app development this year.  

Customer Experience in Metaverse

As per a Gartner prediction, by 2026, 25% of people will spend at least an hour per day in Metaverse. Metaverse is a terrific opportunity to create meaningful, personalized customer experiences. CX in the metaverse means organizations need to be virtually active.

Metaverse will create deep levels of personalization in customer experience

Metaverse allows for a high level of personalization of customer experience. Consumers can even have a unique experience, including their vitals and color preferences, and personalizing their avatars. This offers customization like never before. Companies can also customize ads and make it easier for customers to choose from the options.

Customers can choose their avatar based on gender, age, social networks, and interests. This will allow customers to present themselves in a way they like. This helps brands develop a customer-centric approach and enhance customer knowledge.

Learn about Metaverse

Another important thing to do is understand the metaverse. Explore the technology and invest time in understanding how it works. Learn how to create real-time content that makes metaverse experiences function. Invest in the technology to enable digital props, graphics, and characters. To transform from digital experiences to metaverse experiences. The three technologies of metaverse are-

  • Augmented reality or AR- AR integrates digital elements with the physical space to provide relevant information and increase understanding of a subject.
  • Virtual reality or VR is a fully immersive virtual tech environment that provides a sensory experience. The requirement for a prop is definitely there- the VR glasses.
  • Spectrum or mixed reality is the blend of virtual and physical worlds. The technology is being developed today with holographic technology and augmented reality.

Create different personas or avatars for different roles

In the metaverse, every user can create their own personalized avatar. This helps brand’s structure their sales professionals, marketing folks, product guys, and every member uniquely. An out-of-the-box experience can be given to customers with unique designs.

Curate a bunch of ideas to engage the metaverse audience

Think of ways you can engage the audience in the metaverse. Maybe an immersive game, puzzle, or something else can engage the audience. Brands like Hyundai, Gucci, and Balenciaga are already invested in the digital world. Hyundai’s mobility adventure is its big step into Metaverse with Roblox.

Design a metaverse customer journey

Try to chalk customer journey in the metaverse. What will your customers do? What places do you think will interest them? Will the storefront keep them invested? How are they planning to enter the market? Can you offer real-time feedback? Is it possible to solve customer issues with self-help resources? Would it be possible to offer any support? Can you accelerate the immersive journey? Try to match the unique aspects of the metaverse with customer journey touchpoints.

Make it as human as possible

If your brand can create a unique customer experience, users will be able to make purchases, form an opinion, and communicate with other users about the brand. If they have any questions, they must be able to ask in the metaverse itself instead of asking in the digital world. The customer must not be in two minds- where to contact the brand? They should get the same level of intuitiveness in the metaverse or otherwise. This makes metaverse important for customer relations. For users with special headsets, brands can also come up with interesting segments. The interaction and experience need to be as human as possible. The customer service responses need to be very human-like.

Companies need to be transparent and honest in the metaverse because customers can easily choose another competitor. Making the digital customer service representative recognizable is vital for the metaverse customer experience.

Maintaining differentiation in the metaverse

Customer experiences on the metaverse will be highly differentiated. This concept is important for improving customer experiences. Omnichannel customer engagement drives higher loyalty, and if the metaverse is another added channel, it only improves the overall experience. If a company is present on metaverse, it already has a differentiation. Tech leader Microsoft has already set up the facilitation of metaverse for teams.

Test as much as you can

Metaverse is growing, and now is the right time to invest. The ROI might not be immediate but so would delivering an amazing experience be. You need to learn and test the metaverse universe as much as possible to meet a shared vision. The metaverse allows you to improve personal relationships with customers and offer the value and personalization they need.

Bottom Line

Metaverse is the next massive thing. Customer experience, or CX in the metaverse, is in its nascent stages. With the right amount of learning and technology, you can enhance the customer experience. Metaverse reimagines many experiences, including the employee. The core idea is to enhance customer experience by keeping it in mind always- from the usage of technology to people. The growing influence of metaverse requires brands to step up and ensure winning customer experiences thrive. The core goal is to make sure the metaverse customer experience is equally engaging as digital across channels, touchpoints, platforms, and more. Either case, the customer experience in every medium must be supreme.

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