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SaaS Customer Marketing: Top 10 Strategies

The school of marketing teaches you the subtle art of enticing and converting prospects. In the SaaS industry, the whole ball game is about turning a prospect into a potential, loyal brand advocate. Your existing client base is more like a lucrative offspring of the newer and existing opportuniti

The school of marketing teaches you the subtle art of enticing and converting prospects. In the SaaS industry, the whole ball game is about turning a prospect into a potential, loyal brand advocate. Your existing client base is more like a lucrative offspring of the newer and existing opportunities that you must not wash your hands off. In such a case, you must delve into the chapters of SaaS customer marketing and know, how to ace business. Here is what we studying today:

  • What is Customer Marketing? 
  • Benefits of Customer Marketing  
  • Top 10 SaaS Customer Marketing Strategies  
    1. Augment Customer Engagement Skills
    2. Occasional Rewards and Coupons
    3. Yes to the Princess Treatment 
    4. Post stellar Customer Success Stories 
    5. Deliver Value, Always!
    6. Render Free SaaS Trials
    7. Refine and Simplify the Sign-up 
    8. Clearer Call to Action Notes
    9. Zero in on SEO
    10. Sponsored Post Campaigns
Customer Marketing

What is Customer Marketing? 

Customer marketing is a kind of marketing that puts a laser-beam focus on your existing client base rather than wooing a newer set of prospects. Customer marketers usually take up campaigns to take boost up the current customers’ retention, stickiness, advocacy, and overall participation. It generally takes place to market extra benefits to the already established base, with the hope to convert them into loyal evangelists. 

Benefits of Customer Marketing  

  • Customer Retention: It all goes in vain if you don’t retain your current clients. Keeping your existing base engaged brings you a fuller pocket in the long run. 
  • Boosts CLTV: Customer Lifetime Value is the amount of money a client could potentially bring to you over the entirety of your relationship with them. It is a crucially important term in the customer success niche and marketing aids in fulfilling it in the right direction. 
  • Customer Advocacy: Brand advocates diligently promote your product using the ‘word of the mouth‘ technique. This could be to their friends, family, or colleagues. And this in turn calls for more referrals and revenue. 
  • Accentuates Branding: The ability to imbue value into a brand and then communicate this value to the customers takes place as a result of marketing and later is a part of the brand-building process. 

Top 10 SaaS Customer Marketing Strategies  

What are some of the best customer marketing strategies? And what magic do they do? Dig in to explore how they help in educating, nurturing, and converting the user till they become a brand advocate. 

Augment Customer Engagement Skills

Sometimes, customer marketing could all be about responding or hitting the ‘reply’ button. You need to engage with your customers in a timely fashion. Say, a customer of yours has lauded your service in the social presence. 

Revert to their appreciation on the same platform and show them that you are being a part of the discussion too. According to a study by WebPunch, 54% of the clients wish to get some sort of acknowledgment or feedback from the company. Just displaying your willingness to communicate with them is enough. 

Occasional Rewards and Coupons

Your target market would highly appreciate an occasional promo code or freebies for obvious reasons. Under one-to-one marketing, these freebies are a great way to let your customer stick around for some more and keep the interest on. Reward the loyal ones while also encouraging the new comes to walk through your door. 

Yes to the Princess Treatment 

The ‘Princess Treatment’ starts right from the onboarding point. How you welcome your clients could make or break the deal. Begin with an exception welcome email. Note, that the first impression lasts longer.

Give them only the best. The first phase of your relationship with them decides whether they are moving forward with you or not. Better yet, they would stick around more with touted with a princess-like treatment. 

Post stellar Customer Success Stories 

SaaS customer marketing strategy - Post stellar Customer Success Stories

One of the best ways to promote loyalty marketing is by highlighting some of the customer success stories. If you have such customers whose story has a great impact, do not take a backseat from posting it on your site. Let the world see how your services have benefitted customers and brought in a happy story. Aside from this, you may add interviews and blog posts too showing how your resources have helped customers out. 

Deliver Value, Always!

You win almost half the battle with a value that speaks for itself. Your customer wants to see more of you. Feed them with engaging content and keep coming up with new offers and deals.

Sparkle up during the festive times. Throw in an email newsletter every now and then. Or what is even better is to check in with your customers on a personal note. This shows them that you are in their mind afresh. 

Render Free SaaS Trials

Free trails have a magnificent impact to lead new customers into moving the needle with recurring revenue. Also, there is negligible harm in letting your potential clients try out your free offerings for a while. Think of it as an opportunity to showcase your customer service and support as well. And who knows, you might see conversions into paid subscriptions in no time?

Refine and Simplify the Sign-up 

There is no bummer like a hefty and critical sign-up process. Imagine your prospect is all set to join hands with you, but a tough signing up procedure breaks the deal. Simply and ease the sign-up process to as convenient as it can get. Too many upfront steps might derail your customer and can cause you great harm. 

Clearer Call to Action Notes

Be it asking for a free trial, or adding a ‘buy now’ sign, or prompting to get a ‘download now’, ensure that the call to action is at the right places. The positioning of the call to action should be at clear points, enough to get in sight of a user while browsing through your pages. Simply put, all you need to see is that the ‘ask’ is clear ad visible to be clicked on. 

Zero in on SEO

The volume of organic traffic that your site gets plays an important role in SaaS marketing. This is where the role of SEO can’t be missed as it aids in generating leads that give way to easy conversion. Discovering the right keywords is a must in SEO, and ensure that you place them just about right, without much keyword stuffing. Also, focus on creating substantial high-authority links that will help to get your site rank better. 

Sponsored Post Campaigns

It is a good idea to run sponsored post campaigns on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, etc. This will maximize your overall sign-ups, that too without burning a hole in your pocket. Furthermore, these sponsored posts keep up with the engagement and drive more people onto your page. 

That’s a Wrap 

SaaS Customer Marketing is all about wooing your current customer base, and not working on bringing some newer faces to the base. With the right strategies, you can gain a lot of clients, in a short period of time. Make it a point to revamp your customer experience quotient and deliver nothing short of perfection. Also, take up regular feedback and know whether you are lacking in something and ameliorate that as well. Strive to retain your customers as this is what the whole game is about!

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