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Top 20 SaaS Companies in France

In this blog, we are going to discuss briefly the top 20 SaaS companies in France.

Top 20 SaaS Companies in France
Top 20 SaaS Companies in France

Software as a Service (SaaS) is currently the most practical model of software distribution. It is the model in which a cloud service provider hosts software or application and makes them available for the end-user. The cloud service provider can either be a third party or the software vendor itself. In any case, the SaaS model is a win-win model that benefits the software vendor as well as the end-user.

The emergence of cloud computing in the 1990’s enabled software to be installed on remote servers. This software ‘in the cloud’ could be accessed from anywhere. This software distribution model gradually became a profitable and most efficient model for software providers as well as for the end-user. Today, it has become a practical option even for enterprise-level businesses.

The efficiency of this model has made SaaS one of the most rapidly developing industries in the world. Here, we are listing down the top 20 SaaS companies in France.

Top 20 SaaS Companies in France

SaaS companies can be open and operated from anywhere in the world. Like most other European countries, France has witnessed the emergence of several successful SaaS companies. Talking about SaaS companies in France, they employ over 70K employees, serving over 1 billion customers all around the globe.

1. 360Learning

About: 360Learning is a corporate learning management platform. It provides a learning management system to enterprises, training organizations, and higher educational institutes.  

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Nick Hernandez

Valued Customer Example: Cape Gemini, HEC Paris, Dior

2. AB Tasty

About: Another successful SaaS company serving thousands of happy clients since founded in 2011. AB Tasty is a cloud-based platform that offers businesses easy-to-use tools for A/B testing, personalization, and user engagement. It also provides easy-to-use features for optimizing websites to help them grow and increase conversion without needing extensive technical knowledge. 

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Alix de Sagazan

Valued Customer Example: Peugeot, Decathlon, Cartier

3. AirCall

About: AirCall is yet another example of a successful SaaS Company serving customers since 2014. It operates in more than 30 countries providing its customers with a cloud-based localized phone presence. The contact centers of AirCall help businesses to contact their customers via voice calls. This SaaS Company provides a dedicated solution for call centers and also for support and sales teams. This company is already serving more than 3000 customers all over the globe including service providers like Uber whose business is entirely dependent on the call service provided by AirCall.      

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Olivier Pailhès

Valued Customer Example: Uber, Vice, SeatGeek

4. Beekast

About: Another addition to the list is Beekast, a web app allowing businesses to create alluring and interactive presentations to connect and engage with their audience. This cloud-based tool can be used for myriads of purposes including, but not limited to, – businesses and cultural events, work meetings, training sessions, and educational purposes. It offers various other features, including the facility of online collaboration. Owing to its usefulness, Beekast has served several notable companies.  

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Yassine Chabli

Valued Customer Example: Microsoft, Google, Total

5. Botify

About: Botify, a successful SaaS company, is a website crawler and log analyzer for SEO. It crawls through the entire website of its customers to find out insights about search engine optimization factors of the website. Hence, it provides companies with valuable information for boosting their organic, social, and mobile traffic. The service provided by Botify is useful for every business with a digital presence. So, its list of customers, which has grown exponentially in the last few years, includes customers ranging from startups to market giants.

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Adrien Ménard

Valued Customer Example: Airbnb, Decathlon, eBay

6. ContentSquare

About: ContentSquare, founded in 2012, is one of the leading SaaS companies based in Paris, France. It provides mobile and web solutions to e-commerce sites for optimizing their customer experience. The software solution provided by ContentSquare provides the e-commerce sites with valuable insights into the browsing and buying patterns of the buyers. These insights help the brands to maximize their digital impact on the customers. 

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Jonathan Cherki

Valued Customer Example: Unilever, Gazprom, Walmart

7. Dataiku

About: Dataiku is an AI-based data science platform. It provides a platform for big data analysis and all the related activities.

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Florian Douetteau

Valued Customer Example: Cisco, Zurich, Unilever

8. Meero

About: Meero is an AI-based photo editing tool as well as a marketplace for photographers. The tool is designed for real estate, the food industry, fashion, and lifestyle images.

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Thomas Rebaud

9. Mention

About: Mention is a cloud-based software service that helps businesses transform their online reputation by easing their media monitoring tasks.  

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Matthieu Vaxelaire

Valued Customer Example: Microsoft, Prisma Media, BenQ

10. Mirakl

About: Mirakl is a cloud-based shopping cart solution for e-commerce businesses. It enables both B2B and B2C businesses to launch a marketplace with a customized shopping cart.

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Philippe Corrot – Adrien Nussenbaum

Valued Customer Example: Toyota, Urban Outfitters, Sprinter

11. OVH Cloud

About: OVH Cloud provides web hosting services. The web hosting services provided by OVH cloud include various services like colocation, enterprise service hosting, network, security-related hosting, etc. It provides public as well as private hosting services. 

Headquarter: Roubaix 

Founder/CEO: Octave Klaba

12. PayFit

About: Another name that deserves to be on the list is PayFit. This software service provider provides tools to businesses to manage their payroll and HR processes. The tools do not only make the process easier but cheaper. Using the tools provided by PayFit, repeated works like payment of salaries and tax management, etc., can be automated. The company has grown significantly since its incorporation in 2015. 

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Firmin Zocchetto

Valued Customer Example: Marshmallow, Trust Payments, YuLife

13. PeopleDoc

About: PeopleDoc is among the most successful cloud-based service providers in France. It is a service provider platform for HR services. It takes away a lot of weight off the shoulder of the Human Resource Department of many companies across the globe. It does valuable tasks like case management, employee file management, process automation, etc. This software solution can be integrated with existing HR systems. PeopleDoc boasts of more than 2200 customers in 165 countries. 

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Jonathan Benhamou

Valued Customer Example: GoDaddy, World Class Capital Groups, Starbucks

14. Recast.AI

About: Recast.AI is a bot platform with currently more than 50,00,00 bots. The platform aims at providing companies with customized bots to help them with their customer relations.

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Patrick Joubert

Valued Customer Example: Facebook, Cisco, Deloitte

15. Shift Technology

About: Shift Technology is AI-based fraud detection and claims processing solution for the insurer. It provides many features, including end-to-end claim processing and filing solutions.

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Jeremy Jawish

Valued Customer Example: MS&AD Insurance group, P&V Assurance, General Insurance Association 

16. Shippeo

About: Shippeo is a cloud-based supply chain visibility platform. It provides businesses with real-time and predictive information about deliveries of their shipment.

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Pierre Khoury

Valued Customer Example: Coca Cola, Rubix, Magnus logistics

17. SimpliField

About: SimpliField is a B2B field intelligent tool. It offers a solution to many problems related to selling execution for industries like fashion and apparel, cosmetics, electronics, healthcare, consumer goods, etc.

Headquarter: Paris 

Founder/CEO: Benjamin Zenou

Valued Customer Example: Sony, L’Oreal, Revlon

18. Station

About: Station is a SaaS company providing a web-based workstation where all work-related applications can be combined into a single web browser. Way more than 500 work applications have been integrated into the sidebars of the Station.  

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Julien Berthomier

Valued Customer Example: Hubspot, TransferWise, Shopify

19. TalentSoft

About: TalentSoft is yet another shining name in the list of leading SaaS companies based in France. Founded in 2007, this SaaS Company is trusted among its users. It provides a range of digital tools, including its trusted cloud-based staffing and recruitment tool named Hello Talent. As evident from the name, it provides software to allow businesses to recruit the best-suited candidate from among the huge pool of talent. The software service sources candidates from all the nooks and corners of the web, gathers data about the candidates and handles the entire recruitment process.

Headquarter: Boulogne-Billancourt

Founder/CEO: Jean-Stéphane Arcis

Valued Customer Example: Celio, Toyota, Naval Group

20. Welcome to the Jungle

About: Welcome to the Jungle is innovative is an innovative platform connecting top talents with matching businesses and recruiters. It provides businesses the opportunity to build their rapport as quality recruiters while helping candidates find their well-deserved place in the job market.  

Headquarter: Paris

Founder/CEO: Jeremy Clédat

Valued Customer Example: Wizzcad, DentalMonitoring, LittleBIG Connection


SaaS companies are creating new heights of success every day. The above-given list is just a token. Many new startups are emerging daily and creating new histories of success using innovative technologies like JWT tokens for secure authentication.. So, this or any other list like this is not going to show the true picture forever. What will remain the same is the wide scope of success the SaaS industry provides anyone with creativity and entrepreneurial traits.  

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