7 Ways to Use Live Streaming to Liven Up Your B2B SaaS Business

7 Ways to Use Live Streaming to Liven Up Your B2B SaaS Business

Live streaming is a powerful medium to attract the attention of potential customers. In this write-up, we focus on different ways you can use live streaming to liven up your B2B SaaS business.

Ways to Use Live Streaming for B2B SaaS Business
Ways to Use Live Streaming for B2B SaaS Business

Videos are a very popular mode of communication. Live streaming is a great solution for companies, including B2B SaaS ones who want to improve their influence on users and prospects. Live streaming is a great way to reach the numbers without overspending on expensive hardware, equipment, and more. In fact, a survey recently reported that 84% of people were convinced about a product after watching a video. All you need is a good device, strong internet connection, and the right live streaming app to do live streaming. Live streaming helps draw the audience to the product, service, or new features.

Benefits of Live Streaming for B2B SaaS Businesses

  • Building a brand: You can interact with customers on another level since you get real-time comments, likes, and shares. You also get a chance to showcase how responsive and responsible you are as a brand.
  • Get live feedback: You get priceless information about your product and teams. This will help you improve the product and also receive ideas for content and marketing teams.
  • Customer connection: Live streaming helps you connect with customers like never before. You can ensure customers participate in your brand journey, making them feel like an exciting part of it. You can also connect with users who prefer to be visually engaged and interested.
  • Customers are informed: With live streaming, it is possible to ensure that customers are informed and updated about the latest product information. Product features and product updates news can be shared during the stream.

Live streaming for business can help build brand connections, engage the audience, and retain them. Here are the top ways to use live streaming to improve and liven up your B2B SaaS business.

Here are seven ways to liven B2B SaaS businesses using live streaming

Social media live streaming can be helpful for your SaaS business by creating a feeling of intimacy, and connection with the brand. Building two-way engagements and relationships can make the connection feel more human and real.

Live Stream when you are solving a customer issue

This is a great way to spruce your B2B SaaS business live streaming. You can allow customers to request live streams based on what they need. You can skip the whole process of long customer waiting for lines and tickets. The disconnected chats and emails can be skipped altogether. If you pick a customer problem and solve it live streaming, you can reduce and eliminate the problems of others facing similar issues. It also improves the chances of personal connections with the customer.

Show customers a product tour

Product tours, while live streaming, is a great opportunity to show customers or users how the product works. This will help users know what works with the product and why. For example- If your product helps solve the customer churn problem, you can just live stream how the platform works. This will make it more personal, answer more questions, and communicate in a better manner.

Live stream any updates to the project

Going live is the latest trend for project updates. You can show your business customers how the project is developing and be transparent. You can even showcase the challenges you face while creating a project. This shows accountability and improves prospects for customers.

Customers or users can get a peek into key milestones and product demonstrations so that it is possible to understand better.

Live stream for the right feedback

Live streaming for B2B SaaS businesses will also help get immediate feedback for easy changes. You can note down what aspects customers would like to see improved. These improvements can be made before the final product release. This feedback can be important to sort out bugs and testing issues within the product and ensure a smoother, streamlined product flow.

Connect with your customers

Live streaming can help connect with customers in a way like never before. Live streaming will help customers know the product, the people, and the process better. You can use live streaming to catch up with top customers and influencers in the industry. You can meet them in their shows and establish great connections. You can chat about your company and its offerings and make a mark. It is easier to pitch to them if you get connected with customers.

Stream the video later to help customers

You can live stream now and save them as tutorials. How-to videos are extremely popular among users to refer to while using a product or service. You can ensure customers better understand the product with live streaming. Tutorials can help users get answers to issues they are struggling with.

Give them a peek into the industry events

Live streaming gives customers a sneak peek into the latest trends at industry events, expos, and conferences. Your customers can get an idea of what goes behind making the product and things the way they are. You can get an opinion on what new ideas and campaigns are interesting for the company. This helps you get a proper idea about the behind-the-scenes in industry events.

Bottom Line

Live streaming videos can help customers realize the value of the product or service in a better manner. It is possible to improve customer service problems and ensure solutions are easy. Live streaming videos are also great for engaging with customers and generating a lot of traffic to the website. However, the primary aspect to keep in mind is producing high-quality content to improve your live streaming quality. You need to have a proper strategy and plan in place to improve and further your live streaming strategy. B2B SaaS leaders need to create engaging live streaming plans to help solve buyer needs and customer problems, and reach more audiences. Live streaming is an innovative way to meet customers on new platforms and increase sales and product adoption.

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