What is SmartKarrot and how it can help drive your mobile app engagement?

What is SmartKarrot and how it can help drive your mobile app engagement?

Get complete mobile app engagement metrics and insights from a single platform to make sure users revisit your mobile app often to take desired action.

Mobile app engagement

Two years ago, the mobile app development business was one of the top 10 trends for startups. More than a million applications have been submitted on Android and Apple stores for the past 3 years. In order to thrive in this highly competitive market, it is very important for an app to keep the audience engaged while driving revenue.

“Research states that smartphone owners have an average of almost 100 apps installed on their mobile devices, but use only 40 of them on a monthly basis.” (Source)

Here are the top 4 problems faced by the mobile app industry in terms of engagement and retention –

1. Lack of proper communication

“Apps across different industries are experiencing an average churn of almost 75% by the 3rd month from the time of download. That’s losing more than half of the user base.” (Source)

Be it games, fashion, food or grocery, people nowadays have a lot of options. This is one of the main reasons why apps are abandoned easily if the experience is not great enough. Consumers nowadays are flooded with promotional messages all the time. In such a scenario, if your app notifications have the same message sent to everyone without any customization or without taking into account the personal interests of users – it is but natural for them to lose interest.

2. Inadequate access to customer insight

It has been projected that 5 million apps will be there in the app store by 2020, (source) so it is imperative to find ways to keep your app ahead in the competition. Customer insights are your keyhole to peep and learn more about them as well as their changing preferences.

However, the problem is when it comes to the mobile audience, there’s always a constant flux. Finding out the relevant data from the huge metrics is very difficult and makes getting to know your audience deeply very challenging.

3. No clear benefits

“Do you know that among mobile users who stop using an app, 30%would use it again if offered a discount, and 24% would use it again if offered exclusive or bonus content?” (source)

The audience loving your app is just one part of your success, for them to take it to the next level is also important for your growth. Word of mouth publicity from the audience is important for your app to flourish. For this to happen, it is important that the incentives and referral programs that you offer are appropriate and tracked, which often becomes a difficulty.

4. Frequent changes in the app

All apps undergo a lot of changes from time to time in order to be updated, in accordance with customer feedback and industry dynamics. Changing codes frequently on your application can make it very difficult and challenging to track the user engagement journey.

As the saying goes, every problem has a solution and this is where SmartKarrot steps in.

SmartKarrot is the world’s first Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to offer you with a comprehensive feature set around engagement and incentivization for your audience. It provides insights that help you understand what works best for your audience – so that you make the right decision every time.

Take a look at SmartKarrot’s features that can help drive mobile app engagement –    

1. SmartSegmentation

SmartKarrot provides a very flexible, detailed and instinctive segmentation for you to reach out to specific groups. It can be customized in accordance with your mobile application, providing you with the data you really need. This will further help you run incentive and engagement campaigns that will be relevant and maximize your profit.

SmartSegmentation Features:

  • Easy-to-use visual interface for segment creation
  • Text-Based ‘Automated’ Rule creation based on the selection made on the Menu option.
  • Flexible AND, OR, NOT conditions for events and attributes in App
  • Add more Attributes of your choice if necessary
  • Available through SmartKarrot’s Core SDK

2. SmartEngagementScore & SmartAnalytics

They will provide you with deep insights based on several performance indicators. This will help you benchmark the performance of your app against the industry standards. As a result, you can connect with your user base, know how your campaign is performing and use the analysis for your future marketing campaigns.

SmartEngagementScore Features:

  • Simple SDK integration
  • Free analytics on multiple indices like Churn, Usage Duration & Frequency, Retention, and App store feedback
  • Comparative data to show your mobile app’s percentile performance against all other apps as well as apps in your country and category

3. SmartReferral

Run referral programs and get word-of-mouth marketing for your app with SmartKarrot’s SmartReferral feature. Integrating referrals without the hassle of coding can help boost the growth of your mobile app.

SmartReferral Features:

  • The option of creating and adding referral programs within minutes
  • Completely white-labeled, you can customize every screen as per your preference using the configuration screens
  • Ability to configure referral rules and conversion events
  • Ability to make payments or other actions once a referral is successful

4. SmartSurvey

SmartSurvey gives you the option of designing surveys in multiple formats to understand what’s on your audience’s mind. The biggest advantage of this feature is that you do not have to develop or test code as SmartKarrot’s platform will take care of that.


  • Ability to create short surveys in simple steps
  • Ready templates that you can choose to save time
  • The option of attaching an incentive for getting a timely response

Choosing SmartKarrot to drive your mobile app engagement is a smart choice as you can avail all of the above features without any hassle of coding. These features are available via SDK/API integration so that you don’t have to develop them from scratch. Moreover, you can make changes as well as customize your engagement programs anytime and as frequently as you want. Get the SmartKarrot advantage for your mobile application today!

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