Enhance the user experience by sending automated rich push notifications based on user triggers. Boost user engagement, reduce churn and increase revenues for your business.

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SmartKarrot lets you create highly personalized rich push notifications that break the clutter to nudge your user towards desired actions. Combine notifications with referral, surveys, incentives, and analytics to engage your customers and increase stickiness.

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Send notifications to all users or a particular segment

SmartKarrot lets you target all users at once or create granular segments depending upon their demographics, device attributes or their usage behavior. You then can create highly customised notifications that are relevant to each of the segments.

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Schedule one-time or recurring notifications

Get the flexibility to send a notification once or schedule it daily, weekly or monthly as per your business needs. You can set the time of delivery depending upon your users’ preferences. The SmartKarrot platform also lets you decide the frequency of occurrence in case you want to set multiple reminders to your users.

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