Scale Your Best Practices Intelligently.

We combine segmentation, automation, task management, and analytics for a powerful output.

Sit back and relax, we’ve got it covered.

How SmartPlaybooks can make a difference for you.

Automated Initiation

Assign Playbooks to dynamic segments or complex event triggers for automated initiation.

Easy-to-use templates

Create a Playbook template in minutes for yourself or the entire organization.

Drive consistent operations

Create consistency in a relevant way across segments and multiple product lines.

Customer involvement

Include customers and other external stakeholders in joint success plays.

Resources & Insights


Customer Success Intelligence Podcast

In Episode 26, our CEO chats with Irit Eizips about the evolution of AI-Powered Customer Success.

Articles & Blog

Current insights, resources, inspiration, and ideas that will help take your Customer Success team to the next level.

Customer Success Surveys

We survey CS Teams from all over the world to get their feedback on current industry trends and what they see for the future of CS.

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