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Customer Success Roles

Customer Success is the evolving growth engine that organizations are leveraging to fuel their growth. Customer success roles are still being sketched out to drive maximum outcomes.

Customer Success Jobs

Working in customer oriented and outcomes driven customer success teams is exciting as well as challenging. The function helps control the leaking bucket in order to offer exponential growth to the organization. Customer success is mostly executive sponsored, still in budding stage. Industry has varied definitions and requirements for the customer success roles. There is immense overlap within and outside the customer success team. We have highlighted the most popular customer success roles for you.

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success

Customer Success Manager is responsible for developing customer relationships that promote retention and loyalty. A Customer Success Manager works with customers to continuously align goals, ensure customers are satisfied with the services and improve on areas that need attention.

VP Customer Success

VP Customer

VP Customer Success is responsible for managing and growing existing client base globally across all business segments. A VP Customer Success has to build and manage a customer success team and be responsible for ensuring customers are realizing maximum business value across the customer lifecycle that ultimately results in their renewal, growth of lifetime value and customer satisfaction.

Chief Customer Success Officer

Chief Customer
Success Officer

It’s a new breed of corporate executive taking critical position in the organizations. The role requires building an organization structure that best supports all the customers to be successful. While the role solely focuses on customers and enhancing life-time value, it has to be done in the most profitable manner.

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Customer Success

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Customer Success

VP Customer Success

VP Customer

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