Unveil your Customers Aspirations
Episode 56 1:20 February 29, 2024
Unveil your Customer’s Aspirations

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Make your service or solution impactful by aligning it with what truly matters to your customers. Focus on the “why” behind your customers’ needs.


if you’re able to when you speak to your client to find out what is it that they care about at the organization level and in some cases it has nothing to do with your vendor solution or what it is you’re offering service-wise and that’s completely okay however I think there are opportunities to find the the match and obviously the the client has purchased Your solution for some reason so there must be something within those organization goals that you can match the solution to making some sort of improvement from the client perspective and so usually those metrics might be you know at the high level they usually care about increasing Revenue or decreasing you know wasted spend or things like that or increasing user base by x amount and so hopefully your solution can help and there are kind of like guidelines on how typically you’ve done those discussions in the past.

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