Customer Success for IT Service Providers: Which platforms can really help?
Episode 52 3:34 February 20, 2024
Customer Success for IT Service Providers: Which platforms can really help?

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Digital Playbooks allow teams to drive processes and SOPs consistently and with appropriate automation and standardization. Customer Success platforms also let IT Services Client Partners and Client Services team to segment client accounts and handle them well. Together these 2 abilities create a very strong solution for IT Services to manage Client relationships with strength, mine their accounts well and deliver strong Account Growth.


Prithwi Dasgupta:
So the Playbook and I’m just paraphrasing what you’re saying for us is one way to break all of that in a very simple Manner and along with consistency and the ability to scale these best practices or Sops call it what you want it’s also a way to bring multiple roles and functions together and drive accountability you know so now you are pushed you mentioned predictable it allows you to know you know what what’s likely to happen going ahead it also gives you some amount of accountability to be pushed across these different roles so in in this situation I have to have to do ABCD and and you know you always run these projects with your customers and then create this is what should happen how do you ensure that this happens and it happens every time is where the automation piece comes in
Sunil Mehta:
there’s another aspect which is also very important so when we talk to the it providers you know and and they are delivering the customers customer services right yeah one of the challenge they have is they have too many accounts to manage right so you know a normal tier one or tier two service provider would typically manage between 100 to 200 accounts some are smaller accounts some are larger accounts right the typical challenge they face face is that how do I know the health of each account which accounts to focus on because we looking at retention we’re looking at you know the expansion we’re looking at growth but you can’t focus on all 200 which one is doing good which one is automated we leave it on their own which one needs my attention and that’s a big question and that is the question that we are trying to answer with the alignment and with the platform that if I look at my 120 accounts I can see these are my green accounts these are the accounts which are doing good the client is Happy The NPS score is high you know the the you know the the discussions that we are doing the sentiment analysis is good in the chats it’s nice then these are the orange accounts which are in the side line they are good right now but if you don’t focus on them they’ll become red and probably will not the you know will not be able to retain or we have to put more efforts and the red ones are already gone we’ve lost them they’re unhappy the last few you know months the sentiment analysis the discussions are all negative so it gives them control and I think that’s a very critical element for for a business head right to figure out what what what accounts to focus on how much to focus on and how to grow their account and I think that’s the Turner that’s why these the platform is so critical for them to look at and manage and with your Open Standards you know you can kind of talk to any tool you can you can get the data so you you know from any tool and then basically we are representing the data in the right way so they can make informed decision so it’s a pretty strong I would say case for any you know provider which is delivering IT for the customers to kind of have a look at it align with it and run with it to make sure the customer success Journey kind of is successful.

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