Building Rapport with New Clients: Critical Need for Customer Success Managers
Episode 57 3:02 April 8, 2024
Building Rapport with New Clients: Critical Need for Customer Success Managers

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From initial introductions to ongoing engagement, CSMs orchestrate a symphony of efforts to nurture relationships with new clients. By leveraging proactive communication, insightful feedback loops, and tailored recommendations, CSMs pave the way for seamless integration and long-term success.


Shivani Chaturvedi:
As a CSM one of the things that we do day in and day out is having more new customers on our portfolio so as a customer success manager like myself and so many others out there how do we approach building rapper with new clients.
Guy Galon:
I kind of split it it’s I think it’s it’s quite logical and and sequential so I would like me or my team to be ready and prepared so if it’s a new person or a new client I would like to understand the background we can get some information from sales proper Handover from sales is usually important and necessary to make sure we know who we are going to talk with and what their expectations are you can check on LinkedIn their people’s profile that’s you know the other way to do it you can use your network or people that know other people to get more in information about them so preparation I think is a key and then when we meet them if it could be the first meeting and also in any other meeting to be able to demonstrate knowledge of their environment of their challenges we mentioned proactive listening so whatever you captured in different meeting will be very good to follow up or mention in the following meeting so they can see that you are there to actually not just listen but to remember and act upon a certain actions or certain promises that you make I think other than the first meeting which is always some of it is used to introduction we want to create from one meeting to the next some kind of hooks or follow-ups and maintain a certain frequent communication depending on the requirements from the other person so by doing so you’re making sure that you know one thing follows the next because it’s a relationship it’s ongoing we are not there just to do one meeting and meet the customer the renewal usually that’s going to be to fail that approach so we have as a CSM needs to find those angles and points where we can follow up and then we can use the follow up to provide more updates reports look at certain recommendation best practices and then this is also helping to build the confidence with your customers and I would maybe add that sometimes we do all of that but sometimes we forget to seek feedback and ask the other side about is that being helpful is this going to help you to achieve your targets and your job and make sure that you know you get some response and see that if you are on the right direction or maybe you need to make some changes.

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