Consider Restructuring Customer Sucess: Drive Engagement and Growth
Episode 53 3:46 February 21, 2024
Consider Restructuring CS: Drive Engagement and Growth

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Optimize CS for proactive engagement and revenue growth. Set metrics, incentives, and minimum engagement expectations. Tailor strategies across phases for sustained success and customer satisfaction.


Shivani Chaturvedi:
You mention retention and growth in upsell and cross sell are the kpis to be measured and also the trends into this year they’re all of course related to customer engagement so what strategies should be employed employed to have a proactive customer engagement

Prithwi Dasgupta:
yes I think uh um I’ll break it down in two ways so one is do you if an organization genuinely is able to One Believes In and structures the CS team around the revenue Matrix right just by virtue of doing that a lot of Engagement gets driven so see if you looking at CS as a support function or you are confused as an organization what CS should run then CS will run confused themselves as well if you’re saying CS is support CS will behave like support So then there is no concept of Engagement you shouldn’t even try it you know why measure why measure engagement if you’re saying CS really just provides extended support and training to my customers yeah that’s then it’s very different but if you’re genuinely trying to structure CS as a revenue function and say you know this is the team which will actually help me grow existing business and manage existing business and overall help me with my board numbers now just by virtue of you believe in it and you structuring the team and matrices that way you typically drive a lot of Engagement with your customers by default just by doing that because now there is a number being driven people then you are actually driving the higher Matrix which sort of drives the engagement matric itself so that’s one way to look at it and that is one key strategy if you have to drive customer engagement then drive the right metric and incentivize the right Behavior right so that is I think very very key uh strategy to be able to have a proactive customer engagement the other part now from a slightly more tactical CS standpoint itself is you mandate what is your bare minimum engagement you’re are expecting yeah right we discussed playbooks we discussed structure so whether you implement it through playbooks or not whether you implement it you know in a different way that’s fine but what is your expectation right how many many times and what type of Engagement are you trying to look at so make that clear to the team and put that as part of the KPI if you really feel that is what requires to be driven because only then will it you know get driven so I think that’s the other fundamental strategy put put it out there put it as part of the key kpis to be tracked and incentivize it my recommendation would be again go back to your phases break it up into what sort of Engagement do you need and track that in each phase because it will not be consistent across phases it will not be the same across you know every scenario so if if a customer is an onboarding there’s a certain type of Engagement you have to drive if it is in steady state there a different set of engagements you have to drive it cannot be the same it shouldn’t be the same so I think then you break that down again and that probably is another key fundamental strategy to be able to proactively then now say that I’m expecting this set of Engagement in this phase and now you go ahead and do it and then start tracking it from there.

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