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8 Inspiring B2B Customer Experience Examples

B2B customer experience has given new wings to the SaaS community. In this write-up, we focus on some examples of the inspiring customer experience.

B2B Customer Experience Examples
B2B Customer Experience Examples

Customer experience is crucial for any B2B SaaS business. Any B2B SaaS business must keep the customers with the business with a good customer experience. In fact, a customer experience that satisfies customers leads to reduced churn. While B2C brands offer a great customer experience, B2B companies need to meet higher expectations around customer experience. B2B companies score less than 50% in customer experience rates than B2C companies, which score 65-85%.

Benefits of Good Customer Experiences in B2B Companies

A good B2B customer experience program increases business growth and reduces churn.

  • Improvements in customer experience lead to increase upsell and cross-sell chances by 20-40%
  • Reduced churn
  • Improved customer satisfaction

8 Inspiring B2B Customer Experience Examples

B2B companies have siloed departments which leads to restricted communication between them. B2B customer experience is relatively tough to crack. Customer journeys in the B2B space are tough, and so are the customer experience journeys.

Here are eight inspiring B2B customer experience examples


HubSpot offers one of the best customer experiences for a B2B brand. Their proactive support includes the use of chatbots to connect with customers. HubSpot welcomes users and takes them through their product. Customers can find what they need and also know where to ask any questions they have. You can save the customer support team’s time and encourage open communication.

Chatbots automatically help you answer questions and direct customers to helpful content like articles, blogs, etc.


Lumen is a popular B2B company that offers cloud connectivity solutions for customers across the world. Lumen uses insights from multiple communication channels to know when customers need to be communicated. It also allows for proactive alerts and messaging. You can take customer feedback regularly and understand customer sentiment. Lumen takes customer experience seriously and includes components like customer sentiment insights also.


A good customer experience strategy involves more than just buying the product and using it. IBM is a leading global player in the B2B space. Every time a company buys the IBM cloud storage suite, IBM assigns a set of specialists to help with the setup. IBM trains customers to use the platform best and engage with them. IBM also takes feedback regularly and improves customer retention rates. Users also have access to a bunch of resources and tools that will help them in the long run.


Mastercard offers a personalized customer experience for its users. The customer experience takes customized solutions seriously and designs plans as per customer needs. Mastercard Track simplifies B2B payments and ensures improved exchanges between the parties. The process inspires customer loyalty and ensures a deeper understanding of customer insights. Mastercard also automates most customer conversations and takes feedback seriously to improve customer experience.


Kabbage is a B2B company from American Express that provides funds to small businesses. Kabbage has taken steps to create a good customer experience strategy. The company has a fast loan dispersal system where customers do not have to wait for days to get a loan. The company has an online solution that approves a loan in less time. Kabbage’s customer experience is based on helping customers in a hassle-free manner. It also automates operations, educates customers in real-time, and boosts productivity.


ING is a popular bank that helps customers transact from anywhere in the world. Keeping its global nature in mind, the bank offers a unique customer experience. Customers can contact support teams in multiple languages. It is also possible for support teams to access real-time updates on customer problems. The company also offers omnichannel support- this means one can kickstart a conversation on one platform and pick it up on another. So, if the customer has a problem with the app version, they can move to the web version without losing their support chat data.


UPS is a global shipping company that has made customer experience simple. The platform has APIs integrated into eCommerce platforms. This makes it easier when customers check out to ensure their shipping information also gets attached. They can access, track, and get their delivery with a click. This offers a lot of ease and flexibility in operations. Since using the platform is simpler, more small and medium businesses will choose the same for their shipping needs.

Bell Canada

Bell Canada is a B2B and B2C communications company. Their customer experience is based on customer service. The team at Bell Canada looks to resolve customer issues before customers start feeling the pinch. The company creates processes that deal with customer problems efficiently. They also employ self-serve mechanisms to help customers. The customer experience is quick and based on redressal through videos or self-help tutorials.

Bottom Line

B2B businesses need to be more proactive, committed, transparent, and responsive to achieve the right customer experience. It is important to use the right tools, strategies, and solutions to achieve customer success. Likewise, customer experience for B2B businesses needs to be customized, personalized, and omnichannel for better impact.

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