6 Main Reasons Why Blogging Is Essential for B2B SaaS Growth

6 Main Reasons Why Blogging Is Essential for B2B SaaS Growth

This blog discusses the main reasons that make blogging a must for B2B SaaS growth.

Blogging for SaaS Growth
Blogging for SaaS Growth

Are you contemplating upon starting a blog for your B2B SaaS business? If yes, let me congratulate you on making the right decision. In today’s digital era, where customers have become smart, it has become very important for businesses to use blogging for marketing their B2B SaaS business.

Also, there is a saying – customers are the kings of the market. And with the help of blogging, you are giving a new avenue to market your products to your customers. Not many people are aware of it. But blogging is one of the platforms that helps you connect with your readers, customers, partners, and others via a direct mode of communication.

B2B SaaS businesses are always after gaining leads and prospects. What better way to procure these leads than by publishing some exclusive content on your blogging site that attracts the attention of your prospective users.

In today’s competitive era, where the attention span of customers is quite short, it is imperative to hook their attention by regularly publishing blogs on your business niche. Also, one of the biggest problems that B2B SaaS companies face is driving traffic on their website. This problem can be resolved by regularly posting unique content on your domain that attracts the attention of your users and prospective buyers.

The key here is never to make the reader base you create after regularly posting your blogs feel bored. And the best way to do that is by having a proper mix of blogs that target your niche as well as your product. So, a ratio of around 80-20 is good enough for a B2B SaaS business to get started with their blog.

Now you would be wondering I have said enough about the importance of blogging in B2B SaaS business growth. So, does that mean this blog ends here? The answer is not by any chance.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, I have disclosed some of the main reasons that make blogging such an essential thing for B2B SaaS growth.

Reasons that make blogging essential for B2B SaaS businesses

Here are some of the reasons that make blogging necessary for B2B SaaS growth.

To create a brand name for your business

In the SaaS world, the competition is so fierce that you have an average of nine competitors in the very first year of your inception. This very reason makes it all the more important for a B2B SaaS company to create a distinct brand identity in the eyes of its customers. What better to do than curate your own blogs wherein you can publish original and fresh content relevant to your niche.

As the reader base on your website increases, you can add in new CTAs to create an opportunity for leads. This way, your blog can help you curate a unique identity to your brand and help you generate potential opportunities without much hassle. Can it get any better than this?

Use it as an educational tool on your website

See the blogs that you publish on your website as an opportunity to provide value to your readers. What better way to do that than curate content that is logically in sync with the product you are lining to sell in the B2B SaaS domain? With the help of blogging, you can educate your prospective customers about what they are missing by not subscribing to your B2B SaaS product.

Blogging can provide useful insights into what your customers are looking for in a product. You can get this invaluable information through their comments and feedback posted at the bottom of the blogs. You can also use your blogs to educate your reader base about the benefits of subscribing to your product.

With most customers today using the Google search engine to search for content online, you need to be a part of this revolution. One way to do that is by ensuring that your content is visible on Google on the first page. I would go a step further and advise you to write short snippets that can come in handy during voice search that has become a trend amongst people today.

Tap into the buyer persona of your prospective customer through blogs. With the help of blog analytics, you can scrutinize the type of content that your readers are more into. This helps you to prepare a personality for your prospective customer and then use these tips while trying to enhance your product in the upcoming feature updates.

Understanding buyer personas can also help you produce content that your readers are interested in. With the help of blogging, you can position yourself as a reliable source and build fruitful relationships with your prospective customers.

Present yourself as a leader in your industry

Blogs are useful to create creditability. It gives a sense of confidence to your reader base about your organization being the expert in the industry you are catering to. Being consistent and true to your reader base can create a reliable online reputation that makes your B2B SaaS company the go-to source for specific industry information.

Blogging also helps you pitch to those customers who have been looking for guidance and help resolve their concerns. You can position yourself as an honest and educational blogging site that values prospects coming again as returning visitors by providing valuable and timely information.

With blogging, you position yourself as knowledgeable by presenting your thought process, which is different from telling people directly and boosting your creditability in the market.

Provides invaluable opportunity to repurpose your content and present it on a different medium

Once a blog has been created, you know it has generated lots of traffic on your website. The next best thing is to convert it into a PPT, infographic, or podcast by tailoring the content. This is what the best in the business do today. Some people also conduct webinars on topics that have received lots of traffic. This way, the company wants to maximize the potential of the content through different mediums.

When you convert a blog into an infographic, video, or even a podcast, your reader base can provide feedback through different mediums. This kind of repurposing can do wonders for the B2B SaaS business. Use blogging as a benchmark, but when you are already reaping the benefits of one strategy, it is better to repurpose the content and market it on a different platform to reap benefits from it.

Affordable and very easy to set up

When you are a B2B SaaS start-up and have limited funds to back yourself up, you cannot probably afford to spend extra bucks on marketing efforts. This is where blogging as a marketing mechanism pays a rich dividend. The only thing you need is a person who can curate original thoughts and present them in the form of ideas about your niche. With training, you can always hire writers who can become experts on your product.

Apart from that, setting up a blog is very easy. If it is on WordPress, any non-technical person can also publish the blog. Also, you can hire a team of writers to curate different forms of content apart from blogging like press releases, product reviews, eBooks, infographics, etc.

Search engines love fresh content

If you ask any SEO professional about what they love about blogging, they would say that it is published frequently makes their load less. Also, since every blog is different, it allows Google to index all the pages, which increases its chances of getting showcased on the organic search results page of Google.

By regularly curating blogs on your website, you provide additional creditability to your website. The only thing that you need to be smart about is using the most important keywords in the post that help rank your blog higher on SERPs.

Final Thoughts

Blogging can lay a strong foundation for your B2B SaaS company from which you can think of growing to new heights. The only thing that you need to do is act smartly and regularly post fresh and original blogs on your website with properly targeted keywords. This will ensure that your blogs move to the pinnacle in your particular niche as time passes by.

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