Top 20 SaaS Product Review Websites of 2021

Who are the top 20 SaaS Product Review Websites of 2021? Did you make it to the list? Hope so! Scroll on to know who the chosen tops and the reasons behind.

Simran Mohanty
May 6, 2021


Product Review Websites

90%! As much as 90% of the customers read online reviews even before considering a purchase. Were you under the impression till now that customer reviews were needed only by the prospects? Sadly, that’s not the case. Software advice states that a collective mix bag of positive and negative reviews inspire customers the most. On that note, let us take a look at top 20 SaaS product review websites of 2021.

List of Product Review Websites

  1. Capterra
  2. G2 Crowd
  3. GetApp
  4. TrustRadius
  5. SaaSGenius
  6. Startup Talky
  7. Top Ten Reviews
  8. TechnologyAdvice
  9. Crozdesk
  10. DiscoverCloud
  11. IT Central Station
  12. GoodFirms
  13. Compare Camp
  14. FinancesOnline
  15. AppExchange
  16. SoftwareSuggest
  17. Software Advice
  18. AlternativeTo
  19. Analyzo
  20. Business Software


On Capterra, you would not only find great reviews of products and services but also ascertain software options to meet your business needs. Once a search query processes, it will display the list of companies that are relevant to your keyword along with a brief summary about the same.

G2 Crowd

If you are searching for one of the biggest up-and-comers in the SaaS product review space, G2Crowd is unmissable. It strives to leverage impartial reviews from validated sources so that the prospective customers do not get swayed away before their purchase.


GetApp is known in the SaaS world for its mobile or app friendliness. Some of the other essential features include the ability to unearth how different products can gel up with your apps and tells you how you can explore your partnership opportunities with them.


If paid ads have driven you crazy already, then this should be your go-to. TrustRadius a great platform to list your reviews as it runs zero paid ads, so the vendors will be unable to skew any results. Do check out its ‘TrustMaps’ that allows you to filter products based on their review scores and research frequency.


And if you do not wish to download anything, you can count on SaaSGenius as it will filter your software options that are designed for online use only. You can rely on this to find a complete directory of SaaS products, prices, alternatives, comparisons and reviews as well.

Startup Talky

StartupTalky is a top startup media platform focused on startup news, ideas, and industry research, SaaS is an imperative part of a startup. It has a specific section for SaaS news, ideas, etc., and provides great SaaS service.

Top Ten Reviews

Bored of sorting through endless lists with plenty of options for every type of application you need? Top Ten Reviews streamline your options with top ten lists comparing the best products in all kinds of categories, from SaaS to electronics.


It is much similar to the Capterra and GetApp and is also owned by Gartner. TechnologyAdvice platform is easy to use and uses a question-and-answer framework to make sure that the quality of the reviews generated is not compromised.


Crozdesk deploys artificial intelligence and machine learning to rank algorithms that aid in generating unbiased software suggestions. It also boasts of 200+ product categories. And, if you are in the market for paid advertisements, its hyper-targeted product classifications will help to deliver prospects that match your ideal customer persona.


This website is home to a multitude of B2B SaaS offerings and a couple of outsourced services as well. With targeted advertising options, and its ability to implement special offers to trigger additional conversions, DiscoverCloud is said to be a great asset, especially of you are taking an offering to the international market.

IT Central Station

IT Central Station is a SaaS product review site that offers much more in-depth categorization for products and services in categories such as application development and infosec as compared to its competitions. Long-form question-and-answer style review formats ensure that high detail and high quality are emphasized from the reviewers.


GoodFirms is a B2B research and review platform that zeroes in on connecting service seekers with the right service providers. It analyzes the top-performing companies and software solutions based on three criteria – quality, ability, and reliability.

Compare Camp

CompareCamp research team puts considerable effort to offer detailed statistical data to our readers aiming at presenting a comprehensive overview of various markets and topics including trends, opportunities, customer behaviors, and challenges associated with them.


FinancesOnline is one of the greatest and fastest growing platforms for SaaS product reviews. It is home to more than 2,200,000 visitors every odd month. Here, the customer reviews are based on a detailed survey that gives a detailed analysis of each tool.


AppExchange is a platform created for products and services that have Salesforce integrations. This can be a total business driver if that’s your thing, but if not, then you will likely want to look to the preceding listing options for your offering.


SoftwareSuggest is a leading B2B software company and is said to be one of the largest review recommendation platforms in India. Here you can proffer reviews that are only published after verifying.

Software Advice

Software Advice aims to simplify software selection through reviews covering ease of use, functionality, quality, and support, as well as a wealth of helpful screenshots showing the user interface of each product.


AlternativeTo is a free service provider that delivers crowdsourced software recommendations. With this, you can easily way to discover better alternatives to the software you use now. People from all over the world share their opinions and help customers with better alternatives.


Analyzo sticks to the policy of providing the most unbiased reviews possible. It lists software that targets startups. And has a search bar that allows SaaS buyers to filter software by pricing model, mobile support, invoices/month.

Business Software

Business Software is a free online resource that the business technology vendors and buyers can rely on. With this, the users can download substantial software vendor reports, analyze software providers as well as access a comprehensive software product directory too.

Parting Thoughts

There could be a ton more product review websites that could be added on to the list. When you have more reviews (positive) on your site, it will undoubtedly lead to better SEO, better rankings and will entice more customers towards your brand.

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Originally Published May 6th, 2021, Updated May 6th, 2021

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