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Top 10 Customer Experience (CX) Conferences in 2022

Have a look at the Top Customer Experience Conferences in 2021 and discover how they can help your business stand out in the challenging market conditions.

Top 10 Customer Experience (CX) Conferences in 2022
Top 10 Customer Experience (CX) Conferences in 2022

The magic of customer experience has enveloped us with its virtues and values. That is when where forums, workshops, and conferences play a pivotal part in imparting experience as well as education to people. It is a great way to brush up your skills, learn new qualities, and know what else is new. On that note, we take immense pleasure in regaling information to our readers about the upcoming customer experience (CX) conferences so that you can block their calendars right away. These valuable insights will save you a ton on your additional research work. This list of the Top 10 Customer Experience conferences aims towards a similar end where we selected the best ones for your use. So here we go!

Quarter 1

DX Summit

Location: Virtual

Date: February 16 – 17, 2022

DX Summit 2022

The Digital Experience Summit has been the virtual leader in the CX events space. Top thought leaders, subject matter experts, and executives come together to build digital customer experiences using the latest data and insights applications.  

Customer Experience Summit VIC 2022

Location: Royal Randwick, Sydney

Date: February 23, 2022

Customer Experience Summit VIC 2022

The 2022 Customer Experience Summit brings together leaders from top organizations to enhance customer experience and discuss strategies. The event aims to improve business outcomes and customer satisfaction. The attendees include the chief customer officer, heads of customer service, digital heads, customer experience heads, and marketing heads.

Digital Customer Experience Summit

Location: Digital

Date: March 29 – 30, 2022

Digital Customer Experience Summit 2022

The 8th Annual Digital Customer Experience Summit is the mecca for VPs, Directors and CXOs from some of the most customer-centric brands.

You can connect with 450+ delegates, nurture vital relationships, learn contemporary trends in customer experience, and demonstrate your thought leadership, and secure the maximum market reach.

Product Marketing Summit

Location: New York

Date: March 23-24, 2022

Product Marketing Summit 2022

The Product Marketing Summit will bring together top product marketers from global companies and fast-growing startups to share success stories and challenges in product marketing. The event is a must-attend for product marketers, managers, CX professionals, and CS leaders featuring 300+ attendees, 30 speakers, and 150+ companies.

Quarter 2


Location: Sydney

Date: May 10 – 11, 2022

CX APAC 2022

CX APAC is an opportunity for CX executives and leaders to rediscover new happenings, trends, and highlights in the space. The paid event brings you the latest research and CX frameworks, offers insightful, hands-on guidance, showcases industry best practices, creates networking opportunities, and has an insightful keynote.

PegaWorld iNspire 2022

Location: Virtual or remote

Date: May 24-25

PegaWorld iNspire 2022

PegaWorld iNspire event will cover many aspects of customer experience, digital transformation, intelligent automation, and customer service. The key speakers include Alan Trefler, CEO and founder of Pega, Sonia van der Linden-Pugal, global innovation lead at, Marty Hicks, vice president of consumer strategy and planning at T-Mobile, among others. The event brings together the top minds in the space and encourages sharing of new trends and ideas.

CX Network Live: CX Personalization 2022

Location: Virtual event

Date: May 17

CX Network Live: CX Personalization 2022

CX Network Live conference showcases aspects like personalization, data, channel integration, marketing automation, and customer experience trends. The speaker to be featured is Devin Poole, the senior director at Dixa for CX strategy.

CX North America 2022

Location: Nashville and Virtual

Date: June 7 to 9

CX North America 2022

This event is sponsored by Forrester and focuses on CX, digital marketing, and customer service. The event has an entry fee of $2,000-$2,950. Even topics like metaverse, customer applications, design strategy, and employee experience are discussed. Top-notch marketing and customer success leaders like Stacy Brooks, AD at Humana, Melissa Parrish, VP at Forrester, and Ian Trombetta- the senior vice president of social, influencers, and content marketing for the NFL, are attending the event.

Salesforce Connections 2022

Location: Chicago

Date: June 8-9

Salesforce Connections 2022

The Salesforce event is great to learn about new trends in customer success, develop new skills, and establish fulfilling connections in the space. You can also network with peers and learn more about digital customer success. The entry fee for the event is priced at $999. Salesforce is one of the biggest SaaS names, and their conference will have the big names in the industry. Connections bring together cultural visionaries, executives, industry leaders, and practitioners. You can learn to personalize customer needs, imbibe valuable insights, and predict customer needs. Attendees get access to hands-on product demos, networking opportunities, learn new skills, and learn data strategies that are compulsory.

Customer Engagement Transformation Conference 2022

Location: Live Stream and Victoria Park Plaza, London

Date: June 9, 2022

Customer Engagement Transformation Conference 2022

Customer Engagement Transformation Conference 2022 focuses on providing an opportunity to network and learn more about customer experience. The conference is being planned in a hybrid model- live virtual and in-site as well. This hybrid model is poised to give the maximum benefit. Twenty top-class speakers will fill you in with exclusive insights on customer experience. You also get access to case studies and networking lessons that will help you implement long-term, effective customer engagement strategies. There are also planned roundtable sessions, exclusive presentations, and peer meetings. The themes include artificial intelligence in customer experience, personalization of customer experience, unlocking customer journey potential, and customer service design.

Customer Contact Week 2022

Location: Las Vegas

Date: June 20-23

Customer Contact Week 2022

The Customer contact week conference focuses on think-tanks, industry-specific details, and more. Customer contact week allows attendees to meet with various vendors, and the panel includes dignitaries like Monica Rothgery, chief operating officer at KFC, Philip Bennett, customer service operations manager at Empire Today, and Jeff Allison, head of the customer experience at The Black Tux, and more.


Location: London and Digital Experience

Date: June 22-23, 2022

CX EMEA 2022

Join top Forrester experts, industry leaders, sponsors, peers, and executives in CX as they uncover all the latest research, insights, opportunities, and facets in this remarkable CX event. You can know aspects specific to European, Middle Eastern, and African regions.

CX Marketing Summit

Location: Victoria Park Plaza London

Date: June 23, 2022

CX Marketing Summit 2022

CX Marketing Summit is a conference that shows how MarTech is transforming the CX landscape. The event shows how CX can be made predictive, automated, AI-driven, and personalized. Technology can be the driver to improve messaging, customer understanding, and customer insights to create and retain a loyal base.  

Quarter 3

Next Generation Customer Experience 2022

Location: Boston

Date: July 19-20

Next Generation Customer Experience 2022

This customer experience event involves roundtable discussions, addresses, and the chance to connect with peers. The panel has decided on topics to include trends in customer success, the future of customer service, diversity and inclusion, digital experience, and employee experience. The panel comprises experienced professionals like Jason Dupuis, chief experience officer at PM Pediatrics, Amy Shore, chief customer officer at Nationwide, and more. The CXFS NGCX brings together top leaders in the CX community even though they are from different industries like healthcare, finance, retail, pharma, and more. The designations will be majorly top-level like VPs, directors, etc.

Forrester B2B Summit APAC

Location: Singapore and Digital Experience

Date: September 20-21, 2022

Forrester B2B Summit APAC 2022

The biggest event for CX smarter outcomes, high-level decisions, and CX thought leaders. B2B Summit APAC explores CX models, research, frameworks, hands-on-case studies, and keynotes on product, sales, and marketing.

Martech- The Marketing Technology Conference 2022

Location: Virtual or remote

Date: Sept 28-29

Martech- The Marketing Technology Conference 2022

This is an event focused on creating networking opportunities for senior marketing professionals. It will comprise innovations, tips, advice, and expert sessions on marketing technology. It is possible to improve knowledge and skill with expert advice. The conference focuses on defining the role of the customer and how it changed. The conference explores opportunities, challenges, changes, and more in customer-organization dynamics.

Inbound 2022

Location: Virtual and Boston

Date: September 6-9 in Boston and September 7-9 virtually

Inbound 2022

Inbound is a conference hosted by HubSpot that brings together customer experience professionals, digital professionals, sales, marketing, and more. The event will be home to networking opportunities, meeting sessions, expert talks, and training. The cost is $799 for entry and access. The panel comprises impactful speakers who are from over 161 countries. The conference also has top-class workshops and meetings spanning three days.

Quarter 4

Customer Service Revolution 2022

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Date: Nov 8-9, 2022

Customer Service Revolution 2022

This is a customer success and customer experience conference where one can learn about the top tools and strategies required to create a stellar customer experience journey. Attendees can learn about customer experience strategies and the involvement of technology in the same. Experts in the industry include Jared Green, founder and CEO at Engage 365, Cassandra Worthy, CEO of Change Enthusiasm, Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer at Five Star Call Centers, and Ryan Magnon, Senior Principal Operations Lead at Chick-fil-A.

Customer Engagement Summit

Location: Westminster Park Plaza, London

Date: November 15, 2022

Customer Engagement Summit 2022

This is Europe’s largest customer engagement event whose theme is The Only Constant is Change: The Role of Human Experience and Technology in Transforming CX. Explore how human experience and technology come together to offer holistic, precise, and predictive data solutions.

Customer Experience Asia Week

Location: Singapore

Date: November 21 – 24, 2022

Customer Experience Asia Week 2022

Customer Experience Asia Week 2022 is Asia’s number one CX event spanning over the latest discussions, topics, and ideas on business customer experience. The biggest shakers in the CX industry are here to learn new techniques, strategies, and steps. Join the meet for transformational CX.

Parting Thoughts

Customer Experience is a part of our everyday lives and we all know it. Therefore, the more we tend to attend customer experience conferences – be it online or in-person, it only adds up to your understanding, values and knowledge. Not only that, this will also teach you how to better connect with your company’s audience, boost customer loyalty, and improve your NPS score. The events listed above are the top-rated customer support and satisfaction gatherings around. Every one of them will be beneficial to you. So, what are you even waiting for? Book your tickets and register without any further ado.

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