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20 Best Customer Experience Quotes

Customer experience quotes that will inspire you to improve customer experience strategies and promote customer-led growth.

20 Best Customer Experience Quotes
20 Best Customer Experience Quotes

Customer experience is a growing discipline and has become more important than ever. Good customer service is important for businesses to not lose customers or gain a bad reputation. Customer experience is essential for any business. Customer experience is the end result of what people think about your brand. Customer experience transforms the brand image, increases retention, and creates loyalty.

Customer experience quotes will help motivate and boost positive marketing. Here are some shining pieces of wisdom in the customer experience zone that will make your day. Here’s hoping these customer experience quotes will make your organization customer-centric.

1. Jeff Bezos

Customer Experience Quote-Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos emphasizes the importance of treating customers in the best manner possible. Companies need to act like hosts who don’t humiliate, ruin, or make the party bad for guests. If the guests like the party, they will be back for more sooner.

2. Steve Curtin

Customer Experience Quotes-Steve Curtin

Steve Curtin is widely known in the field of customer service. His bestseller book on customer experience – ‘Delight your customers’ mentions simple ways to raise customer service to extraordinary. He mentions how lifetime loyalty is what companies look for and the enabler for this is CXM or Customer experience management.

3. Jeanne Bliss

CX Quote-Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne Bliss needs no introduction. Her stellar contribution to customer experience inspires companies to improve their business practices. Her quote reiterates that customer experience is rooted in trust. They will become your brand ambassadors if there is alignment in values.

4. Annette Franz

Understanding customers and designing an experience best suited for them is the core of customer experience. Annette Franz says companies need to focus on putting the ‘customer’ in customer experience.

5. Steve Cannon

Best CX Quotes-Steve Cannon

Steve Cannon emphasizes that customer experience is important in this business era. By making your customer experience better, you are in a sense, marketing your product better. There is an increased positive boost, better word of mouth marketing.

6. Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker, the creator of modern management has focused on the customer a lot. In his timeless writings, he has emphasized customer experience as critical for continuing business operations. Peter Drucker also said that the end product of any business is a satisfied customer.

7. Kerry Bodine

Kerry Bodine places importance on the need to improve customer journey experiences to educate, foster, and nurture customers. Growing customer loyalty is the most sustainable way to grow your business and brand. Her book, Outside In looks at how companies can achieve success via customers.

8. Bhavish Aggarwal

Best Customer Experience Quotes-Bhavish Aggarwal

“Our focus is on the customers and improving their experience. We believe that if we do that well, competition, prices, and profits will all take care of themselves.”

The founder of Ola Cabs places strong importance on customer experience. This is the key, he believes to success. Customer-driven growth is becoming necessary to get the numbers, drive loyalty, and design personalised experiences.

9. Jerry Gregoire

The most popular quote around customer experience is this one by Jerry Gregoire, CIO at Dell. Nearly 89 percent of companies are expected to compete only on the basis of customer experience.

10. Richard Branson

Customer Experience Quotes-Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson has numerous books to his name. The British magnate trusts the power of customer-centricity. He placed employee and customer care at the focus of his business strategy.

11. Clare Muscutt

Clare Muscutt is the founder and director of CMXperience. She feels companies must make huge differences to their customers via a focus on CX. Customer experience strategy is emphasized in her quote. She firmly believes that customer experience should be at the center of any business strategy.

12. Stan Phelps

Stan Phelps is an author, Ted Speaker who works to increase customer loyalty through differentiated experiences. Your customers will tell others about their experience with your brand, and not your features. He stresses the need to make sure customers feel amazing about the brand experience.

13. Meghan Keaney Anderson

Best CX Quotes-Meghan Keaney Anderson

Meghan Keaney Anderson leads customer marketing at HubSpot. She places her bets on customer experience and satisfaction to make a mark. A happy customer will increase prospects of business growth better as compared to any marketing strategy.

14. Kate Zabriskie

What customers perceive is the brand’s reality. It is important to keep track of what customers perceive of the brand. Customer perception should be taken seriously to devise plans that will improve customer experience.

15. Steve Jobs

Best Customer Experience Quote-Steve Jobs

The Founder of the iconic Apple brand worked closely on the heels of customer experience. His goal was to make sure customers went wow over the product. The focus on customer experience was ultimate according to him. He suggested working with customer experience as the focus of product development.

16. Penny Wilson

The MarTech Maven from HootSuite bursts the bubble of viral marketing. Customer experiences when personalised and curated perfectly impact customers like no other. Viral advertisements have lesser impact as compared to the overall long-term effect that customer satisfaction provides.

17. Nelson Boswell

Giving people what they don’t expect is always surprising. This may match up or even cross their expectations making their loyalty and trust in the brand increase. Meeting customer expectations is a great way to improve customer confidence and eventually boost customer success.

18. Sam Walton

Customer Experience Quote-Sam Walton

Sam Walton, the founder of the iconic Walmart understood the importance of customers. He said,’ the customer can fire anybody from the chairman by simply spending his money elsewhere.’ He also vocalised the need to exceed customer expectations to reduce customer churn.

19. Shep Hyken

CX Quote-Shep Hyken

The award-winning customer service speaker vouches that customers do not compare a company with competitors. They compare services and this build loyalty. He emphasises focus on how customers are dealt with and how they feel throughout the customer journey.

20. Doug Warner

Best CX Quote-Doug Warner

The Senior Vice President, Operations at Vonage and former chairman of the J.P. Morgan and Co board stresses the importance of customer experience. A disappointed customer will open another tab in seconds. Since the levels of connection with customers are more than before- there is need for increased focus on CX.27

Bottom Line

Customer experience quotes are a way of knowing other’s learnings. By knowing customer success quotes or customer experience quotes, you can learn from the wisdom and advice of these industry stalwarts. This can also improve our understanding of customer experience and the need to have a customer experience strategy for better growth.

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