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7 Questions You Must Ask for Retaining Your Key Customers

What are the different questions you need to ask to retain your key customers? Let us find an answer to that question through this blog.

customer retention questions
customer retention questions

Retention in any business is crucial. In fact, the cost of finding new customers is much more than retaining or keeping existing ones. Customers will be retained if they are happy with the product, team, execution, and overall experience. However, keeping certain pointers in mind is necessary while retaining customers. Despite knowing how cost-effective customer retention is, very few businesses look to address all customer concerns.

Knowing why customers are with your company is important to improve customer experience, enhance customer outcomes, and improve your own marketing.

You must take the time to address these seven questions to retain your key customers

Seven Questions You Must Ask for Retaining Your Key Customers

To retain your customers, you need to ask some important questions. Knowing why a customer is still with your business will help you understand customer behavior better.

What kept you invested in the product or service purchased?

For any company, it is important to understand why customers are with the product. We always create assuming customers have an absolute necessity for our products. This is not right, however. If you know what customers prefer, you can interest them to improve that offering. For example- You have customer success software. Your customer loves the reporting feature and generates reports periodically. You can keep a note of this and upsell allied products such as churn dashboards and more.

What made you choose our business?

To get to the core of the relationship, you need to know what made customers choose the business. Customers know what makes a business stand out. This information will help you market yourself in the same way. Once you know your key value proposition, it is easier to turn your business around on that aspect. This will ensure that your business draws attention because of the different values it offers.

For example- One customer may choose the business since they offer unlimited support. Another may choose the business due to its flexible pricing options. All this will ensure your messaging hits the right way.

What is one positive aspect of your experience with us?

Every business is unique and has different offerings. What one business enjoys might not be loved by another. This is why knowing the positive aspects of the business is important. You will know what works for a segment and why. If that positive experience is what many people vote for, you can replicate that in your business and draw more focus. For example text messaging in customer marketing works for a segment compared to others.

Is there something we can improve in our business?

You can always look for avenues to improve business. There are always ways to enhance how businesses function and grow. You need to identify spots of improvement when you look to retain customers. For example – one customer might feel that they did not receive frequent product updates. This can be improved if they voice it out. You can know opportunities for improvement and ensure complete customer happiness. Knowing where to improve or feedback will help in business growth and development.

Did you get the results you expected with our business?

Every company expects users to get the results they hoped for with the product. While looking to retain customers, it is important to know how product features are helping them. Are they delivering the promised value? Is it getting tough to grow and learn? You need to set up a positive customer business attitude and learn how your product delivers value to customers. You need to improve customer growth and expansion, and this is where customer experience will help you.

Ask customers if they got the value they signed up for. This will help ascertain the product value and leverage the use case for testimonials and more.

What is the value we offered to you, and is it satisfactory?

It is crucial to know what value was offered to the brand. Knowing that will help understand the impact created on the customer. This value needs to be decided after one uses the product. You can ask customers why the value of the product matches what was described. This is also a great way to understand pricing and find out what makes your brand different from competitors. Keeping key customers is important, and one needs to have a differentiator edge to increase the value.

Would you recommend our product to other customers?

The final and most important question – Would the customer recommend the product to their friends and family? This question is the base of NPS – a popular metric that measures customer satisfaction. NPS or net promoter score is an important metric that can be considered the benchmark to understand the state of customer success in the company. It is the single most important customer success metric that decides the company’s influence on its customers.

For SaaS businesses, the goal is to retain as many customers as possible and streamline growth to improve customer loyalty.18

Bottom Line

Have you asked yourself or the company these questions? These questions will help you delve into the nature of customer success operations in the company and understand pivotal segments of the business. You can understand valuable business information and ensure every investment is paid off in the long run. Retaining key customers is important for business growth in the long run. This will ensure all customers meet their expectations from the business and the business understands why the customer is with them.

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