Common Customer Role Play Scenarios: A Guide for Customer Success Managers

Common Customer Role Play Scenarios: A Guide for Customer Success Managers

What are some of the common customer role-play scenarios faced by a Customer Success Manager in his or her everyday life? The beans have been spilled in this blog.

Common Customer Role Play Scenarios: A Guide for Customer Success Managers
Common Customer Role Play Scenarios: A Guide for Customer Success Managers

In the Customer Success niche, it is a given to find and face customer queries, like an everyday affair. That is when the concept of ‘Role Playing’ tends to play a fundamental role for the customer success managers out there. It not only stimulates real conversations that help a customer with their concerns but also teaches them how to tackle a difficult situation seamlessly. Here in this blog, we will talk about some of the most common role-play scenarios and how can a CSM leverage them. But, before that, let’s brush up on the basics.

What is a Customer Role Play Scenario?

Before the customer service representatives dive in to face the real-life customer crisis, it is more than necessary to go in prepared, armed, and geared up. This will not only familiarize them with the common questions but also hone their navigational skills when it comes to responding to the queries seamlessly. Look at this example here:

Customer Role Play Scenario
Source: ispring

This flowchart explains the reps how to react to every potential response that a customer might give. This way, you will not be dumbfounded when met with an ‘out of the box’ query from the customer’s end. Let us now look at some of the common role-play scenarios for better understanding.

4 Customer Role Play Scenarios

Role Play Scenario #1: The Customer asks a seemingly common Question

These are the questions that your team may have come across countless times before. Due to their commonality, their solutions have been well-documented and put up across the knowledge base as a blog or informative videos. In spite of that, all that your customer cares about is their inquiry. To them, each of their inquiries is equally important and they wish to see the same level of care and urgency as the critical ones. Still, it is better to walk the customer through a detailed response. Link them back to the knowledge base. This way, the customer will know where to head in case of any other queries in the future.

Role Play Script:

Customer: How do I update this feature? 

Support Executive: Hello Sir/Ma’am. I will be happy to assist you in updating this feature. Before that, let me share this blog on updating features that will help us through the updating procedure. I will take you through the steps one by one and will be right here along the way, just in case you feel stuck anywhere. 

Role Play Scenario #2: The Customer’s call needs to be transferred to another executive

There could be times when your team will have the urge to transfer a call to a higher-ranking expert on your hierarchy to better assist the customer’s query. Ensure that this hand-off is seamless and does not irritate the already vexed customer. Begin by telling them why you want to transfer the call. Emphasize that your colleague can render better assistance and that you won’t be on hold for long.

Role Play Script:

Customer: Hi, I was on a call with a rep but the call dropped somehow in the middle of a discussion. Can you help me with what we were talking about earlier? 

Support Executive: Hello Sir/Ma’am. I will be more than happy to assist you. But, let us see if my colleague could be available for a quick transfer and take it forward from there. Since they had all the information on your concern already, they can be the best resource for finding your solution at a faster rate. That way, you don’t have to re-explain all the details once again and can pick up right from where you left. 

Role Play Scenario #3: The Angry Customer

A customer is disappointed with your service and can’t stop yelling about a software malfunction that is jeopardizing a vital project. When you do not take adequate steps to pacify this angry customer, there is every chance that they will go about adding negative reviews about your company on the social front. Now, if you don’t want that to take place, try apologizing and empathizing regardless of the situation. Re-attempt to know what went wrong and resolve the same at the earliest.

Role Play Script:

Customer: This isn’t the first instance where your software glitched out on me. I am tired of seeing such unprofessional behavior at your end. Don’t you think I pay a little too much for witnessing this? 

Support Executive: Hello Sir/Ma’am. Our heartfelt apologies. We do not want you to experience these issues. I know this is frustrating. I have delved into your issue and it looks like a system-wide error. Nonetheless, we can assure you that this issue will be fixed at the earliest. As an apology, kindly accept this 10% off flat discount on your next month’s subscription amount. 

Role Play #4: The Customer asks you to twist company policies

Although you may have come across the term, ‘Customer is always right’ in this existing niche, there are rare exceptional times too. A company has certain protocols that it needs to adhere to and not twist its policies away just for the customer’s sake. As a CSM, if you are dealing with customers who ask you to break those stringent policies, you may have to take the road less traveled.

Role Play Script:

Customer: I want you to tell me my account ID and password. I don’t care about your company rules. I need it right now.

Support Executive: Hello Sir/Ma’am. I understand your frustration here. However, I will not be able to provide you with the above mentioned at the moment. While I do not question your identity as a customer, there are certain norms that I am bound to follow. These policies have been designed for the security of all our customers and without going through the requisite identification procedure, I will not be able to divulge such information.

Parting Thoughts

It is common to find these queries in the everyday life of a CSM. While it is pertinent to make a customer happy and satisfied, there are times when you need to create an environment that is risk-free and highly immersive. Practice these role-play scenarios and you will now be able to have a healthier interaction with your customers.

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