5 Digital Customer Experience Examples in Banking Sector that Every Customer Success Manager Should See

5 Digital Customer Experience Examples in Banking Sector that Every Customer Success Manager Should See

In this write-up, we will focus on five such B2B digital customer experiences in the banking sector that customer success managers should replicate.

Digital Customer Experience Examples
Digital Customer Experience Examples

Customer-centric strategies, which were once only used by prominent B2B consumer players like Amazon and Google, are now drawing major changes in B2B digital customer experience landscape, especially in the banking sector.

Today’s customers are looking for personalized interactions, simplistic banking processes, and access to accounts with the help of modern-day technology. This is where it becomes imperative for the banks to innovate and meet the needs of the customers. 

In this write-up, we will focus on five such B2B digital customer experiences in the banking sector that customer success managers should replicate: 

1. Bank of America utilizes a chatbot to establish connection with its customers 

Today’s customers are accustomed to using services of virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri. Keeping in view this new class of customers, Bank of America introduced Erica, the virtual financial assistant.

Erica is a chatbot for providing customers a personalized interaction and virtual assistance for all their banking needs. Erica sends notifications, provides credit report updates, pays the bill for the customer, and also suggests ways to increase savings.

Erica is a chatbot that functions as a virtual financial assistant in the Bank of America Mobile App. She makes money management easier for the customers. She is helping the bank in improving customer experience in banking.

Erica is integrated with the bank’s financial literacy library that helps her provide resources to customers. She eases the process of transferring and depositing funds, searching for the transactions and advising on financial products.

Erica, the chatbot, is a virtual personal banker in the customer’s pocket. She can understand and respond to voice as well as text commands. She is there to provide a successful banking experience to customers without the help of any live operator. 

The Bank of America got an overwhelming response with over 1-million users in the first three months of launching Erica. Since her introduction, Erica has expanded and advanced her capabilities to help clients make better financial decisions. If a customer wishes, Erica can also send educational videos on finance. This is especially useful for modern banks who are catering needs of teenagers.

2. BBVA assists customers in providing personalized banking solutions that assists in setting goals, saving money and tracking their progress online 

Banko Bibano Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) of Spain provides an app feature called Bconomy for a better customer experience in Banking. Bconomy helps users to set their financial goals, save money and track their progress. To help users save their money, the BBVA app compares the prices of different products, utilities, and groceries and provides appropriate suggestions for saving money.

In just three weeks of its launch, half a million people started using Bconomy.  One of the unique features of the BBVA app is its user comparison feature. A person can compare his savings and spending with other people with similar financial positions. This immensely helps people in keeping their financial activities on track. The app also provides personalized financial advice.

Users can connect and manage all their accounts and cards with just one app. In case a person needs, she can also connect to a financial advisor through the BBVA app. It also allows activating and deactivating credit and debit cards to have a better hold on their financial activities. Moreover, a user can get insights into her financial position like total balance, breakdown of financial products, and global position from their smartwatch.  

3. Chase Bank utilizes automation to stream transactions through self-serve teller kiosks and express branches 

Self-serve teller kiosks at various branches of Chase bank are one of the best examples of automation used for enhancing the digital customer experience in banking. Now customers at these branches do not need to stand in a queue to talk to human representatives. They can quickly get their desired information from self-serve tellers installed in the bank branches.

The Chase bank has also introduced its ‘express branches’. These express branches feature self-serve teller kiosks and an advice bar where customers can get information about digital products and open new accounts. Moreover, these express branches can also connect customers with specialized bank staff through video conferencing if they need advice on complex banking issues.

Chase bank express branch and its self-serve kiosks are one of the best digital customer experience examples for the generation of banking customers who are comfortable with digital transactions but still need expert advice when it comes to complex financial decisions.    

4. Russian bank Sberbank utilizes AI-Powered virtual assistants to improve the financial habits of their customers 

Sberbank, a Russian bank, has come up with something unique using the power of Artificial Intelligence. They have developed an Ai-based tool called Tips for their online application. You would be amazed to learn that the tool has been developed to ‘improve the financial habits’ of their customers. This does not only help customers save money but also their time and effort. It trawls through a huge amount of data and provides actionable insights to customers.  

The AI-based tool analyses the banking behaviors of each customer. It provides them with personalized estimates as to their future position if they continue their banking behavior.

Interestingly, Tips uses real-life situations and upcoming real-world events to get to its conclusion. Based on their financial understanding levels, the customers can choose to get financial advice in three levels – simple, middle-level, and complicated.

Customers are given the option to set their financial goals and then choose financial products to help them get to their goals. The more people use Tips, the better it is getting using its artificial learning abilities.

Tips track customers’ spending behaviors and exactly show where the change can be made. Further, it also provides access to documents and contact addresses that may help the customer execute the ‘tips’ provided by Tips, the AI-based virtual assistant.

5. Capital One utilizes a text-based chatbot to aid customers to manage money 

Eno is the text-based chatbot by Capital One. It has been designed to provide help regarding financial questions of customers of the bank. Customers can use simple text commands to pay bills and see their account balance as well as the recent account activities.

One of the interesting features of Eno is that it understands emojis. This means while utilizing the power of technology; customers can simultaneously have a human-like communication experience.

Eno, the intelligent assistant, does not only help when a customer reaches it. In fact, it monitors customers’ accounts and instantly sends notifications and alerts when it detects any irregularity in the account. Basically, Eno doubles as a security guard and fraud checker of a customer’s account in addition to being the virtual assistant.

Eno also offers to provide useful information to customers. It reminds them of upcoming payments and credit card bills that can be paid using voice command. But it never becomes intrusive.

The onus of reaching out with questions and concerns is normally placed on customers. So, we may say that Eno strikes a perfect balance between being intrusive and leaving the customer alone. It indeed is an intelligent assistant.

Concluding Thoughts 

The financial services industry has seen a paradigm shift towards a model that prizes quality digital customer experience over quality products. It is now time to keep up with this pace of change.  26

As you can see from these B2B banking examples, there is ample scope for customer success managers to thrive and take customer experience to the next level. It is now time for you to set an example in your business and achieve success.  

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