How to Write an Impressive Customer Success Manager Resume

How to Write an Impressive Customer Success Manager Resume

Looking for a stellar Customer Success Manager Resume? Find insights to some of the best tips and practices, which when incorporated will get you hired.

How to Write an Impressive Customer Success Manager Resume
How to Write an Impressive Customer Success Manager Resume

A Customer Success Manager (CSM) is the one who develops a strong customer relationship by bridging the gap between the sales and support team of an organization. He is instrumental to the sales team and looks into customer loyalty as well as ways to delve into customer retention. 

Getting hold of the right customer success manager is highly important for any given organization. Therefore, a lot of employers while hiring for this role focus on a successful Customer Success Manager Resume that demonstrates the appropriate capabilities and skills. 

Some of these include a working knowledge of CRM software, MS Suite, a few of the technologies such as XML, IT networking, web servers. Aside from this, he must inculcate a flawless ability to learn related programs and extraordinary supervisory skills. That is where an impressive CSM Resume comes into play and here we tell you methods to add a star to it. 

Before we begin, here is a glimpse of the contents that you shall be reading ahead: 

  • Basic Information and Formatting
  • Work Experience Section
  • The Valuable Skills Segment
  • The Drum Rolling Achievements
  • Skills of Customer Success Manager
  • The Customer Success Manager Resume Examples
  • Resume Checklist- Customer Success Manager
  • Tips to make your resume shine
  • Draft a professional summary

Basic Information and Formatting 

To pull off a great resume, it is much needed to include a chronological format to it. One that puts a lot of emphasis on your work history. Or you can use a functional format, wherein you rather focus on your accomplishments. This is where you need to make that decision by considering whether it is your employment history or would it be your qualifications that will most impress the hiring managers. 

Additionally, your customer success manager introduction may focus on your achievements. This would be like a cherry on top of a cake. However, do not overdo it. Keep it simple yet elegant. 

Make your contact information crisp and clear. Only add that information which is of use to the hiring managers. Information including First name and Last name, E-mail ID, Telephone Number, and/or place of residence. 

Refrain from add-ons such as complete address followed by pin code, your age, date of birth, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or things like names and ages of your spouse and children. Remember, this has got nothing to do with the hiring personnel. 

Work Experience Section 

Your resume only has 30 seconds to impress the hiring manager. Thus, these 30 seconds speak for you and decide whether you need to go forward with the further rounds of interviews. It is pertinent that you make the best use of the given timeframe. 

Simply put, you need to stick to solid qualifications that align with the requirements in the job posting. Cut down on the portions you deem is a bit irrelevant to the demand of the requirement. 

Let me give you an example, if you applying for a managerial position, you need not share about your profound interest in your stint in jewelry designing and how deft you are in it. Mention only the key responsibilities of a customer success manager.

This section should be a detailed summary of your work in the latest 3 to 4 previous organizations. Focus on showcasing how helpful your role was in contributing to the success of these organizations. This is a crucial part of your resume that accounts for the most, so ensure that it is tailored specifically. 

Note that you still can share a lot of vital and solid information in a concise language and impress the hiring manager on your way to bring out an excellent customer success manager’s resume. All that you need to follow is 3C’s: Clear, Crisp, and Concise. 

The Valuable Skills Segment 

When listing out the skills on your resume, one thing that you must stick to is honesty. Always be truthful about the skills that you mention and the level of ability. Soft skills are often said to be essential in management. Draw close attention to these abilities by focusing more on those written in your customer success manager job description

Back your claims with specific figures and facts, combine those with solid examples given by your experience. Be careful about the words you choose. Pick verbs that well-describe your leadership qualities. Note that action words are more effective and convincing than the other forms of words. 

If you ever feel that you need some assistance in knowing what exactly to mention and what to curb out and how to write in a rather impressive way, do not take a backseat from referring a professional help. Those who will come to your rescue are resume builders, content writers, etc who can help you immensely in putting out an outstanding resume. 

The Drum Rolling Achievements 

Funnily enough, one sometimes talks about their achievements with a drum roll. But that should not be the case in a professional CSM resume. Know how to make a good resume great. You need to write about your achievements in a way that sounds genuine, however, restrain from exaggerations. 

Accomplish this by presenting your previous duties as achievements. You may have been in charge of sales, but how can you quantify it? 

If you ever went beyond your duties, reduced company’s costs contributed to improvements, surpassed other employees, or really stood out amongst your peers, do not forget to notch it up in your resume in a professional tone. This will not only come to hiring personnel’s notice but also will fetch you a good chance to be selected. 

Skills of Customer Success Manager

Needless to say, being a customer success manager could be daunting as well as a doting in nature. And that is why you need to be adept in some of the customer success manager skills to ace the role and fit well into the description. 

Accountability Skills

Well, to begin with, you must inculcate the values of account management or accountability, as they say. This role demands of you to take care of the accounts, preferably within the SaaS industries. You must throw an assiduous view on the importance of account plans. 

Not just that, you can also utilize them to derive revamped customer success. When you have the facet of accountability, you can render offerings and identify new opportunities within your territory accounts. 

Managerial Skills

One of the most important aspects of customer success skills or customer success manager skills is that you need to have the best of management values in you. 

This is where you need to know, how to become a customer success manager. As you will have to act as the primary interface for the client with the product management and the technical support, additionally. This could include resolving personal issues, troubleshooting, or escalation of critical product issues whenever required. 

Understanding Skills

Other skills needed for customer success manager is having a good understanding attribute. Both in terms of dealing with the personnel as well as the technical aspect as well. You will have to thoroughly articulate the company’s vision and mission and let the clients know that too. 

Further, you need to have some proven understanding of enterprise solutions. This can easily take place if you had prior experience working with the SaaS businesses in the tech world. Aside from this, you should be understanding from a humanitarian perspective. 

Be there for your customers. If they have any issues, you should be approachable enough to sort it out. Better yet, a friendly but professional relationship is going to act as a hindrance for them to churn out. 

The Customer Success Manager Resume Examples

To help you out with how to build a perfect customer success manager resume, here are some of the examples. Well, if you want a ready-made sample, where all you need to do is edit your name, qualifications, and experience, this should be your go-to. Or else, if you wish to see some samples before you begin penning, you can check out here as well. This will share you with a resume score too!

Or, you can surf a resume example right here without drifting away from the best tips to come. This is exactly how a resume for a customer success manager should look like:

customer success manager resume

Resume Checklist- Customer Success Manager


As they say, it is always looks over talent! Well, funnily enough, it is true many times. Having said that, you need to pay heed to the following: 

  • Emphasize on the headings. This could be two sizes larger than the normal text.
  • When referring to something beyond normal, you may choose to bold it, or maybe italic or if possible use subtle other colors to put a focus on it. 
  • Allow for an adequate left-hand margin and right-hand margin. 2-3 cm should be fine. 


Goes without saying, a well-formatted text always stands out in spite of the content in it. Better yet, checklist these:

  • Avoid using any fancy borders. 
  • Do not go for heavy formatting, with lots of unnecessary justifications, fonts, changes in size or heading positions, etc. 
  • Make relevant points easy to find by using subheadings. Do not slather content everywhere. 
  • When categorizing a list of points, use a table. Looks neat. 
  • If possible, add page numbers to the document as well. 


A well-versed, professional language takes you a long way. This is what you should do: 

  • Use formal business language – clear, crisp, and concise – the 3Cs. 
  • Proofread your content, for any spelling errors. 
  • Refrain from using jargon or any unexplained abbreviations.
  • Use consistent tense throughout. As in stick to past tense, or present tense, whichever suits. 
  • Delete unnecessary words or punctuations too.
  • Refrain from repeating information in the resume. 


Equally important is the sequence in any given resume. This is how you should go about it: 

  • Add information chronologically. The most recent being the first. 
  • Address the position requirements closely. For this use examples and evidences. 
  • Ensure that all the dates are correctly put up, with the months first and years later. 
  • In case of any visible gaps, care for a small explanation, if any. 

Tips to make your resume shine

  • The shorter, the better: It is your resume who is going to speak about your candidature instead of you. Keep it as clear, crisp, and concise as possible. As earlier mentioned the 3Cs of a customer success manager resume. 
  • A well-organized design: Better yet, use a grid layout with columns and rows. This way it will make your data look appealing and easy to digest. Recruiters love such a tamed structure as it lets them find the necessary information in a blink. 
  • Replace icons whenever needed: There are always some bits of information that you just replace with an icon. Refrain from slather content all over. Not only will it keep your resume less text-heavy but also will enable the recruiter to pay attention to the details. 
  • Colors of shades and sorts: Use colors to highlight some of the details on your resume. Colorful elements make sure that they guide the eye across the layout and make the info look more readable and scannable. Aside from this, your resume will look even prettier than the mundane black and white. 

Draft a professional summary

A professional summary is an important component of any resume. A professional summary describes aspects like the candidate’s skills, achievements, and experience. Curating how the job matches with your qualifications in 3-6 sentences is a professional summary. It should be at the top of the resume to highlight and focus on the best aspects of the career experience and skills. It gives the hiring manager or the selector to get a glimpse of all your accomplishments and skills. The structure of the professional summary is important. The first sentence must include the aspects you want to pitch the most about yourself. For example- highest degree, job, relevant experience, years of experience, achievements, and responsibilities. You can also mention what special unique skillsets or achievements you have done numerically. Example- Accumulated 95% customer satisfaction rating from 100+ customers.

One example of a professional summary is as below-

Senior Customer Success Manager with seven years of experience working on and leading customer success teams. Handled critical customer cases, and aided in customer onboarding, customer tech support, and product adoption. Responsible for bridging gaps between customer and product to enhance customer satisfaction and lead to increased retention. Certified CSM from PracticalCSM certification course.

Another example of a professional resume summary is-

5+ years of experience in building tech products and engineering solutions for the eCommerce space. Proven ability to work and collaborate with teams to build user-centric designs. Can handle large system architecture and provide configuration services as well. Passionate about new technologies, network theories, and network design.

Final Take 

It is all about an impressive resume that decides whether it is you above the rest of the candidates. A well-written resume is what sets a strong candidate in a job hunt apart from those who seem less prepared. 

Moreover, you may be extremely talented with your work, but if you have not crafted the same in your resume to reflect that and speak for you, all in vain. Hiring personnel can easily pass you over in the selection process. That’s why it’s of critical importance to start off on the right foot with a resume that gets the right attention. 

The definition of a customer success manager could be quite subjective in nature. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Hopefully, this blog would have helped you in your journey to get the best customer success manager resume.

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