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Top 20 SaaS Companies in Germany

In this blog, we have provided brief information about top 20 SaaS companies in Germany.

SaaS Companies in Germany
SaaS Companies in Germany

Germany is one of the top hubs for SaaS companies in Europe. Developers find no dearth of capital here, and the market promises great scope for growth. The SaaS industry has seen tremendous growth in the past couple of years in Germany. So many SaaS startups have cropped up in the market in the past few years, and seeing their growth traction, it is tough to choose one over the other.

In this write-up, we have tried to provide you with a well-curated list of Top 10 SaaS companies in Germany.

Top 20 SaaS companies in Germany

1. Artnight

Artnight is a Germany-based SaaS platform dedicated to creative artists. This provides a digital platform for artists to come and discuss art together. As the name suggests, this platform organizes Art nights where art lovers can meet other art lovers and enjoy their favorite artists’ paintings and other art forms. They organized the art nights and exhibitions offline at different places in Berlin and online. 

Headquarter: Berlin, Germany

Founder/ CEO: David Neisinger and Aimie-Sarah Henze

2. Adjust

Adjust is a Germany-based SaaS platform. It provides its customers with many useful features, like mobile analytics, fraud prevention, audience builder, marketing automation products, cyber security, and anti-hacking solution.

Headquarter: Berlin, Germany

Founder/ CEO: Christian Henschel

3. Anydesk

AnyDesk, which was founded in 2014, is a remote desktop tool that allows you to view any other desktop once you have the configuration and password. Besides remote access to computers and other devices, it includes file transfer and VPN features. Anydesk’s popularity comes from its easy-to-use interface, convenient installation, speed, and free features.

Headquarter: Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Founder/ CEO: Andreas Burike, Andreas Mähler, Olaf Liebe, Philipp Weiser

4. Alugha

This 2014 company, Alugha is not only the first multilingual cloud-based video hosting platform, but it is also the sole open video portal in Germany. With this application, users can convert online videos into several languages. It can host, translate, transcribe, subtitle, and narrate videos in multiple languages.

Headquarter: Mannheim, Germany

Founder/CEO: Gregor Greinert, Bernd Korz, Niklas Korz, Ithamar Adema

5. Babbel

We consider Babbel the pioneer in online language learning and speaking. Since its establishment in 2007, Babbel has grown its business manifold and now is a leader in the language travel market. The languages included on the platform include – Dutch, Danish, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish and Turkish.

Headquarter: Berlin, Germany

Founder/ CEO: Arne Schepker

6. Blinkist

Created in 2012, Blinkist is an application that provides readers with a 15-minute synopsis and some essential insights from best-selling non-fiction books. It is a subscription service available as a web and a mobile app. It is extremely famous for the 15-minute reads, also known as Blinks or book-in-blinks.

Headquarter: Berlin, Germany

Founder/CEO: Holger Seim, Sebastian Klein

7. Coya

Founded in 2016, Coya is Europe’s number one internet insurance company. Its affordable and transparent insurance policies are the driving forces behind its top position. Coya has already gained a substantial presence in Germany, and it is now looking to expand overseas.

Headquarter: Berlin, Germany

Founder/CEO: Andrew Shaw, Peter Hagen, Sebastian Villarroel

8. E-bot7

E-bot7 is an AI-driven German SaaS company. It helps businesses in enhancing the efficiency of their customer service operation. Driven by conversational AI, E-bot7 helps businesses to automate their customer-facing conversation. It makes the conversation simple, fast, and efficient so businesses can respond to customers in real-time. It also helps customers manage all bots across the organization.

Headquarter: München, Germany

Founder/ CEO: Fabian Behringer, Xaver Lehmann and Maximilian Gerer

9. EyeEm

Conceptualized in 2010, EyeEm, which is pronounced as ‘I am’ in Germany, is a SaaS company. It develops computer vision technology that combines a social photo platform with a stock photo platform in a mobile application. Its active online photographic community and market are among the most sought-after names of well-known companies.

Headquarter: Berlin, Germany

Founder/CEO: Florian Meissner, Ramzi Rizk, Gen Sadakane, Lorenz Aschoff

10. FlixMobility

FlixMobility is a SaaS company that provides mobility solutions. It provides the users with environmentally sustaining and pocket-friendly travel options across Europe. Besides short-distance travel, it offers long-distance buses and green trains that ply along different routes in Europe. It is now becoming a global platform for mobility by extending business in South America and Asia.

Headquarter: Munich, Germany

Founder/ CEO: Daniel Krauss, Jochen Engert and André Schwämmlein

11. Inkitt, The Reader-Powered Publisher

Founded in 2013, Inkitt is a cloud-based platform for readers, writers, and publishers. Writers can write and share their novels in digital form using this platform without the need of having a publisher. The advanced algorithm embedded in the platform possesses the ability to predict the success of a novel. Inkitt has got readers, writers, and publishers from all around the globe.

Headquarter: Berlin, Germany

Founder/ CEO: Ali Albazaz

12. Mambu

Mambu is a SaaS cloud banking platform. The company provides its services to top financial brands and banks worldwide. Mambu, as a SaaS platform, enables its customer banks to build a great banking experience for their customers. It has over 200 global customers spread across 65 countries who serve over 53 million end-users. 

Headquarter: Berlin, Germany

Founder/ CEO: Eugene Danilkis


MoinAI is a self-learning AI chatbot that helps businesses communicate with their customers on digital platforms. MoinAI automates interactions effectively and efficiently, using AI and natural language processing (NLP). Because it’s a no-code solution, it’s straightforward to implement and connect existing tools and systems.

Headquarter: Hamburg, Germany

Founder/CEO: Frederik Schröder

14. Orora Tech

Orora Tech is an innovative cloud-based platform that detects and monitors wildfires from space. This one of its kind SaaS company is a part of Google Accelerator and uses NewSpace intelligence for the sustainability of Earth.   

Headquarter: München, Germany

Founder/ CEO: Thomas Grübler

15. Orderbird

Founded in 2011, Orderbird is a catering company that specializes in meals and in-store retail catering. The platform offers intuitive software solutions and several other cloud-based services for independent restaurateurs. We know it for its award-winning Android and iOS POS (point of sale) systems to the food and catering industries.

Headquarter: Berlin, Germany

Founder/CEO: Artur Hasselbach, Bastian Schmidtke, Jakob Schreyer, Patrick Brienen-Lucius

16. Personio, The People Operating System

Founded in 2015, Personio is one of the leading SaaS companies in Germany. It provides a one-stop solution to all the human resource needs of businesses. This cloud-based HR software takes care of the needs of small and medium-sized companies by storing employee data and processing it at a single source. Besides providing tools for HR management and direct payroll, Personio helps businesses in recruiting processes.

Headquarter: Munich, Germany

Founder/ CEO: Hanno Renner, Roman Schumacher, Arseniy Vershinin, and Ignaz Forstmeier

17. Penta

Founded in 2016, we consider Penta a gift to the banking industry because it allows consumers to open a bank account for free, and that too in just a few minutes. The German SaaS startup helps SMEs and startups save money and time on banking.

Headquarter: Berlin, Germany

Founder/CEO: Aleksandar Orlic, Igor Kuschnir, Jessica Holzbach, Lav Odorovic, Luka Ivicevic, Matteo Concas, Sir Gabriel Holbach

18. ResearchGate

ResearchGate is yet another top SaaS company based in Germany. It is the place to go for umpteen scientific knowledge and academic, social network platform. Anyone can access peer-reviewed scientific research papers in mathematics, engineering, biology, physics, social science, etc.

Headquarter: Berlin, Germany

Founder/ CEO: Dr. Ijad Madisch, Dr. Sören Hofmayer, Horst Fickenscher

19. Wandelbots

Wandelbots, launched in 2017, is a technical platform for non-programmers. The platform allows non-programmers to work with tech robots to complete tasks faster and cheaper. It can also track human motion to control industrial robots using its sensors.

Headquarter: Dresden, Germany

Founder/CEO: Christian Piechnick, Frank Fitzek, Georg Puschel, Christoph Biering, Jan Falkenberg, Giang Nguyen, Maria Piechnick, Sebastian Werner

20. Zalando

Established in 2008, Zalando is an online apparel retailer with over 150000 products. The company offers a unique combination of fashion and technology. Using BigQuery for its data-driven decisions, Zalando successfully predicts infinite interaction points between people and fashion to create a one-of-a-kind fashion ecosystem.

Headquarter: Berlin, Germany

Founder/ CEO: David Schneider, Robert Gentz


Several other German SaaS enterprises may not have made the list but are worth exploring. This was a mixed bag of big and little, well-known and unknown names. What they all have in common is that they are all creating waves.

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