Top 25 SaaS Companies 2024 in UK

Top 25 SaaS Companies in the UK

Are you looking for the best SaaS company in the UK? We have profiled a list of the top 25 SaaS companies in the UK

Top 25 SaaS Companies in the UK
Top 25 SaaS Companies in the UK

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) businesses use a cloud-based technology distribution model to deliver software. The SaaS market is at the heart of several creative, high-growth businesses in the UK and worldwide. We have profiled a list of the top 25 SaaS companies in the UK. These fast-growing SaaS companies are developing technology to alter how the business, energy, healthcare, and transportation sectors operate.

Let us dive deep into the list –

1. TransferWise

TransferWise, a well-known FinTech company in the UK, is an online money transfer service that allows users to send and receive money abroad. The service is up to eight times cheaper as compared to bank transfers. By using two local transfers instead of one international transaction, the system completely avoids costly international payments.

TransferWise for Business offers several capabilities, including a bill payment platform, seamless connection with Xero, buying merchandise, and payroll management with actual rates in over 40 currencies. It also comes with the option to receive money at no cost.

2. Sequel

The Sequel is a well-known insurance and reinsurance software provider in the UK. The company offers dependable solutions to brokers, underwriters, and managing general agents (MGAs) in the industry.

For example, Sequel MGA, the company’s MGA product, enables MGAs to manage their end-to-end processes – from product distribution and document preparation to policy administration, reporting, and accounting – through a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface.

Other products from the company include Sequel Broker, Sequel Claims, and Sequel Underwriting. Sequel’s solutions are supported by cutting-edge predictive analytics that aid users in rating, claims, underwriting, catastrophe and weather risk, and global risks.

3. OneTrust

OneTrust is a global leader in delivering privacy management software solutions for businesses. The company was founded in 2016. Their tools assist businesses in complying with international data security laws and gaining insight into how their own internal data is used. OneTrust puts security, privacy, and data governance into practice.

4. Snyk

With its Cloud-Native Application Security Platform, Snyk provides cloud-based security services for software development. The objective of the London-based firm, which was founded in 2015, is to put security at the center of software development rather than later. Developers can achieve this through their cloud platform, which provides real-time feedback and automated solution suggestions during the development process.

5. Triptease

Triptease is a SaaS startup based in the United Kingdom. It helps hotels improve direct sales by eliminating the interference of hotel booking aggregators who take a cut as affiliate fees. The Triptease technology detects a hotel’s most valuable guests and then entices them to book directly with the hotel throughout the customer journey.

It uses tools such as targeted communications, retargeting tools, parity monitoring, and AI chatbots to keep track of OTA undercutting.

6. Duffel

Duffel is a platform that aims at transforming travel booking processes while improving the client experience easier and faster. Duffel accomplishes this by allowing online travel agencies (OTAs) to use an API to connect directly to airlines’ reservations systems. This allows them to find real-time flight offers, check live seat availability, make bookings, and buy additional services such as luggage allocations and in-flight meals.

Duffel targets digital travel agencies. Using the platform, they can cut down long lead times and high booking costs.


With a market value of $15 billion, is Europe’s most valuable unicorn firm. was founded in 2012. Its API-based SaaS products provide unified data analytics, payments technology, and security functionality. Some of its clients include Coinbase, Wise, eToro, Klarna, Pizza Hut, and Revolut.

8. MeTail

It’s no secret that billions of people shop for clothes online these days. However, finding clothes that fit perfectly is still a significant challenge. MeTail solves this issue. The platform allows users to create a prototype that accurately represents their size using their basic measurements. Then, before placing an order, they can dress their prototype to get a better notion of fit and style. It helps both customers and merchants as buyers have more goods they want to wear, while sellers have fewer returns to deal with.

MeTail also helps styling and product recommendations, assisting brands in maximizing inventory and improving supply chain operations.

9. Zepz

Zepz is a UK SaaS company that specializes in P2P cross-border payments. The company, founded by Ismail Ahmed, is headquartered in London. Zepz is the parent company of WorldRemit and Sendwave, two payment brands with a combined user base of 11 million people in 150 countries.

10. Onfido

Onfido provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for virtual fraud security and identity verification. The company’s automation software employs artificial intelligence to determine whether government documents are legitimate before matching the confirmed ID with face biometrics. Their SaaS software stands out because it allows businesses to authenticate identity quickly and securely.

11. Radius Payment Solutions

Radius Payment Solutions, founded in 1990, is a SaaS firm based in Crewe, Cheshire. The company’s clients include different sectors, including transport and fleet management, payments, telecoms, and insurance solutions.

12. Driftrock

Driftrock is a UK company that aims at improving the advertisements and promotions that a business’ prospects see on platforms such as Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

It achieves this by combining social media’s rich, authentic data with actual customer data owned by corporations. Using the insights provided by Driftrock, businesses can quit pursuing specific consumers with ads for products they’ve previously purchased.

With the use of technology, Driftrock lets businesses locate appropriate customers on the right channels at the right time, allowing for seamless communications throughout the customer journey.

13.  LoopMe

A video is a powerful tool that current-day brands and marketers are using to create impactful advertising formats. However, ensuring that the right set sees the video of the audience on the right device remains a challenge. LoopMe, a UK startup, solves this problem by helping brands tailor video adverts to prospects. For this, LoopMe uses artificial intelligence and advertising optimization tools.

The LoopMe video software solution is meant to integrate video advertisements into mobile websites and applications when a consumer is most likely to be intrigued or wants to buy something. For mobile marketers, this is an excellent answer.

14. Seenit

Video is an effective medium for promoting an event. Be it a fundraiser, a corporate conference, or a fun run, footage recapping the event for promotional purposes is necessary. However, hiring a specialized film crew for many event organizers is too expensive. Additionally, it’s difficult for a team to be everywhere at once – especially at large events.

Seenit, a UK startup, solves this problem by turning the event attendees into the event’s film crew.

Event organizers can select a group of guests to download the Seenit app and present them with a list of shots to be captured for the video. Users then upload their footage to the Seenit studio, where organizers can edit all content and turn it into a professional-looking promotional video.

15. Qubit

Qubit, the creation of four ex-Googlers, was founded in 2010. The company has progressed in terms of its customer base as well as capabilities. The SaaS startup’s software helps e-commerce teams build relevant, targeted, and highly personalized customer experiences for every single visitor who visits a website.

Qubit’s solutions leverage powerful data analytics and machine learning technologies to collect, process, and store the data that drives successful revenue-driving personalization. It does this via product suggestions for content personalization, product badging, omnichannel, and more.

16. ScreenCloud

The digital signage platform from ScreenCloud makes it easier than ever for businesses to display relevant material on any screen, in any place. ScreenCloud helps businesses communicate better and share useful content with their audiences, whether it’s educating kids in the classroom, sharing presentations or data in the workplace, or engaging customers in retail outlets.

The ScreenCloud cloud-based content management solution enables businesses to handle digital signage content on one screen or a thousand from anywhere in the world, thanks to the playlist and scheduling tools and 80+ free apps.

17. Onalytica

Influencer marketing – a type of social media marketing that relies on product/service endorsements by influencers – is yet to reach its full potential.  Onalytica is a software company that helps marketers connect with top influencer communities and conduct effective influencer marketing campaigns from a single platform. It helps businesses identify relevant social media influencers. Then, via the Onalytica community, businesses can connect with influencer targets, build campaigns, and evaluate the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns.

18. Refract

The exact words that top salespeople say or how they do it is quite valuable. This information is golden. Refract allows sales managers to access this information. Sales managers can use Refract’s AI-powered web-based sales coaching platform to pinpoint exactly what contributes to sales success. It turns real-life sales interactions into personalized teachable insights that can better every sales team member, enhancing their performance and using sophisticated AI to shed light on important times during sales calls.

19. Cognism

B2B sales data is heavily fragmented and extremely disorganized, resulting in the dilution of many valuable leads and, as a result, revenue loss. Cognism, a London startup, employs artificial intelligence to solve this problem. Cognism is a sales acceleration tool that focuses on B2B sales. It gives salespeople access to comprehensive, real-time data about companies, events, and people to help them streamline prospecting and locate and engage with their next best business possibilities.

20. Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is another B2B lead generation software provider. Lead Forensics, based in London, discloses the identities of anonymous website visitors in real-time and assists you in converting them into actionable, sales-ready leads.

The platform allows businesses to see every visitor to their site’s complete contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers, business names, and names of key decision-makers, even if they haven’t contacted or made an inquiry.

21. Appscatter

It’s quite natural for mobile app developers to want their app to be as widely available as possible. However, distributing applications across various app stores takes effort, allowing creators to choose between selling and enhancing their products. Appscatter provides a simple solution to this problem.

Appscatter is a scalable B2B SaaS platform that helps users seamlessly publish, manage, and monitor their apps across 50 app stores. The compatibility engine in the software determines which stores your app may be found in, based on the app’s exact criteria. The registration and submission to each store are then automated.

Once published, updates may be managed easily with a one-time code deployment that synchronizes across all stores simultaneously. Furthermore, performance monitoring capabilities allow you to keep track of various indicators so you can figure out which app stores are the most effective for you.

22. Vizolution

Customer journeys are becoming digital, but the only problem is that they lack the human touch. This could be a huge concern for industries such as insurance and banking, in which the customers want to finish their tasks online, by they need personal interaction to security. The UK-based SaaS company Vizolution. This company uses rapid, uncomplicated screen sharing to help businesses duplicate the qualities of face-to-face conversations in their remote channels. Using Vizolution’s suite of solutions, customers can display, share, exchange, complete, display, verify and sign documents just like in face-to-face interactions.

23. Limitless Technology

Limitless Technology is disrupting the customer service market with its SaaS that enables businesses to transform their most loyal customers into freelancing customer experts. In return, these customers are rewarded.

By transforming passionate consumers into trusted brand ambassadors, the company’s on-demand cloud platform and app enable businesses to grow assistance fast, cut down on expenses, and improve customer service.

Since its inception in 2018, the platform has grown to include four solutions – CrowdService, CrowdFeedback, CrowdService, and CrowdCoach – to assist businesses in leveraging their most valuable assets (loyal customers).

24. Perkbox

Perkbox, based in London, is one of Europe’s fastest-growing employee experience platforms.

Perkbox works with high-street businesses, including gyms, stores, movies, and healthcare services, to deliver rewards to SMEs’ employees. Perkbox comes with several features, including allowing managers to reward staff with top-tier, premium offers for outstanding performance. A staff survey tool is also included, allowing companies to take the pulse of their workers at any time.

25. Sideways6

Employees usually have the best ideas for improving things, but they cannot express them. It’s a shame that they aren’t heard, and there’s a danger that they’ll feel disrespectful and alienated if inflexible corporate cultures shut off up-chain recommendations. This is something that Sideways6 can help with. This is a virtual suggestion box for employees to offer their thoughts. Sideways 6 accomplishes this by integrating with communication networks such as Slack, Workplace, and Yammer. This means staff can share and discuss ideas using tools they’re already acquainted with without having to download new apps, go through training, or go through tutorials.


The tremendous growth of the UK SaaS business is obvious. Over the last decade, plenty of new SaaS startups have developed in the UK, bringing a slew of innovative solutions that revolutionize the way businesses work in various industries. The above list not only provides some amazing recommendations but also highlights how SaaS companies are playing a crucial role. Keep the list handy for future reference.

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