Mastering Customer Touchpoints Management with the Right Customer Success Technology

More than 40 percent of customers choose to stick with a brand only if it offers them the best customer experience. Excellent customer experience is necessary as that makes customers trust and know the brand. Customer success needs continuity- it does not happen overnight. You need to provide cus

More than 40 percent of customers choose to stick with a brand only if it offers them the best customer experience. Excellent customer experience is necessary as that makes customers trust and know the brand. Customer success needs continuity- it does not happen overnight. You need to provide customers with what they want and in the way they want. The technology is used to track customer health, map customer journey, understand engagement levels, and get alerts. With a good customer success technology or tool, companies can track and understand their customer behaviour in the best manner to prevent churn.

The SmartKarrot Advantage: Touchpoints Management for Success

Think of how many times you could not find an email thread about something important. To avoid that, a smart system is necessary to congregate and collate customer engagement information. When you can track the engagement, it becomes easier to understand customer satisfaction.

This is what the SmartKarrot touchpoints system offers. Customer touchpoints in the SmartKarrot system mean an easy and effective way to calculate customer interaction. It is a log of every connection with the customer over a period of time. Every call, message, or note is recorded. This will ensure that teams across the company know the level of engagement and understand the communication thread with the customer.

SmartKarrot touchpoint management

Benefits of the SmartKarrot Customer Touchpoints Management

To achieve desired business goals, you need to create and monitor customer touchpoints. To improve quality and effectiveness of engagements, customer interactions need to be checked. Benefits of the system include:

  • Prioritise client requests: If a client has something important coming up, customer success teams or concerned stakeholders will be aware of it. Clients can also track multi-channel touchpoints. Be it a physical meeting, video call or email- everything is siloed to create ease.
  • Identify red flags: Know which meeting did not go as expected and redress the issues. With knowledge of customer touchpoints, it is possible to pinpoint signs of wrong communication.
  • Manage multiple accounts: Users can manage multiple accounts across different touch points. This simplifies the process of customer engagement.
  • Transparency across operations: Ensure that every user in relation with an account is aware of all updates on the engagement front. Manage multiple accounts and ensure that everyone concerned with the account is on loop for account updates.
  • Save time across functions: Users also can save time, reduce effort, and uncover customer insights. Spend less time following up with customer touchpoint management insights.

The touchpoints in the SmartKarrot ecosystem can be collated over three broad categories. These categories are the kinds of interactions that happen with a customer.

In-person meeting: SmartKarrot’s in-person meeting touchpoint calculates all the in-person meetings. If a CSM has had a physical interaction with the client, they can enter it. They can also attach a file, add a picture, or add notes that they want to. A brief version of minutes of the meeting can be added to give clarity to all stakeholders. It is possible to add collaborators

Online meetings: Online meetings between stakeholders is another customer touchpoint that can be recorded. Meetings online can be recorded and added as part of the note. Collaborators can be added to add value or be aware of the proceedings. Stakeholders part of the meeting or responsible for the account will know all the proceedings.

Engagements: These engagements can be either an email or a note. Surveys like automated campaigns or feedback forms are other engagements that can be noted. Feedback forms will give the best idea of the customer opinion about the company. If the client has scheduled any business reviews, that can be noted. Unique events of the customer company can also be tracked for engagement and outcome levels. Tactical information can be captured or NPS can be calculated.

How to create a touchpoint

With a few clicks you can create a touchpoint that can be tracked across the team. It simplifies organisational operations. Customer success managers can attach an image or a document to compliment team understanding of the issue. This makes it accessible across the team. There is transparency involved which will make teams prepared. You can understand all the engagement patterns and understand how involved the client is.

The organisation stays informed about the customer health of every account. There are minimal grey areas. There is also a high level of transparency. It is easy to navigate across at any point in the platform.  

How to create a touchpoint in SmartKarrot

The creator of the touchpoint needs to select the account first. Then the user needs to choose the type of touchpoint. Whether it is engagement through email, engagement via surveys, in-person meetings, or online meetings. If the engagement is through another type, it can be added.

For contact details, the main stakeholder contact needs to be selected. The details of the customer interaction or touchpoint needs to be added. If an account is due for renewal or if a person is on leave for personal reasons, those details can be added.

All these recorded transactions leave a trail that is easier to follow up on. Since the data entry is manual, it is easier for teams to understand the interaction. It is also possible to attach files or images as deemed relevant making it easier for someone who is not a primary stakeholder to understand.16

Bottom Line: Tracking Customer Touchpoints Leads to Success

Customer success needs to focus on innovation across multiple touchpoints. Brand advocacy will come when there is a focus on consistent experience and service. The SmartKarrot customer success software supports customers completely. You can focus on support conversations, become highly customer-centric and improve customer satisfaction. Customer success managers can utilise the data goldmine of customer interactions to make the experience better. With customer touchpoints, you can streamline operations across teams and make sure that top management is aware of customer health. Scaling operations becomes easier as growth opportunities become visible. Even within accounts for upselling can be made simple. It is also easily accessible to users who want all the information collated at one place.

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