Don’t Waste Time! 6 Facts You Need to Know About Voice Intelligence

Don’t Waste Time! 6 Facts You Need to Know About Voice Intelligence

Voice intelligence is the newest form of technology that businesses have started to adopt globally. Let us try to know certain facts about this latest technology in this write-up.

Voice Intelligence
Voice Intelligence

For most of us, the ultimate form of luxury would be to have an assistant who would always listen to your calls, anticipate your every need, and take the desired action. That luxury can now be availed of thanks to voice intelligence.  

Voice assistants are the primary tools that help you carry about a wide array of actions based on what you say or command. Think of Alexa!  

But voice assistants are primarily different from virtual assistants. Those are people who work remotely and handle different tasks. Instead, voice assistants are tech-savvy.

Today, voice intelligence has given us a fresh lease in both our personal and professional lives. 

What is voice intelligence? 

Voice intelligence is a product of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has the ability to transcribe conversations in real-time. With its machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and real-time speech recognition powers, it can do multiple tasks like analyzing calls, visual voicemail, and digital conversations, etc.

Voice intelligence allows businesses to record or capture and learn from calls which can assist businesses in different ways. It also helps in improving communication between businesses and their customers and within the organization itself. Any modern-day business can utilize voice intelligence to grow their business multifold and improve their customer experience.

Six facts about voice intelligence that you need to know 

1. Voice is swifter than typing 

An average person has the propensity to type roughly 38-40 words per minute. On the other hand, they can speak a maximum of 110-150 words per minute. This simple fact is a solid base for voice being swifter than typing. There has been some research that shows that voice is not only swifter but also more efficient.

One such research that used Apple’s built-in keyboard as metrics and Baidu’s cloud-based speech recognition software found that the error rate in a speech-to-text conversion was 20.4% lower than typing errors in the English language.

The difference was even starker in the Chinese language, where the error was 63.4% lower. Google data shows that more and more people are turning towards voice searches due to its speed and efficiency.

The option for voice searches is not only easier and comfortable but also speeds the entire process for customers. People can speak faster than they can type and thus get faster results for their queries.

2. Businesses have started to leverage AI voice 

Businesses all over the world have already started to leverage the benefits of voice intelligence. These are the leading businesses that have already understood the technical and fiscal advantages of voice and audio marketing.

Voice-controlled devices are gaining popularity among the general populace, and many businesses are adopting voice intelligence technologies to appeal to this rapidly growing consumer base. Several businesses are adopting customizable VoiceBots for handling their customers through interactive voice response.

These VoiceBots can be activated to provide 24/7 services, and many businesses are already using them.  Businesses have started and are gradually improving using AI voice to improve their business functionality and customer experience.

AI voice is not only being used to improve customer support services. Still, it is also easing the employees’ work and generating some free man-hours that can be utilized elsewhere.

3. Customers trust smart speaker ads in comparison to other major media formats 

A study done by Adobe found that 58% of consumers trust smart speaker ads more than other major media formats. These consumers found these ads to be less intrusive too. It has been found that audio ads have gained more success in escaping the public media storm.

Customers have reviewed in different surveys that smart speaker ads are more interesting to them and more relevant to their needs and interests. Capgemini reported that 49% of users prefer VoiceBots over human executives because VoiceBots gets the jobs done faster. This finding shows that customers are interested in getting their work done, and they don’t bother who does the work.

If businesses succeed in using AI voice to speed up their customer support and other services, they can attract more customers and create a huge customer base. Smart speaker ads providing personalized ads to users can be utilized by businesses to provide customers with what they want and transform customers’ satisfaction into revenue growth for their business.

Studies have shown that around 60% of older people prefer voice search over the traditional typing methods. It is much easier for old people to tap their screens and say whatever they wish to search or get. It requires lesser effort.

And, as told earlier, traditional typing is more prone to errors as compared to voice search. Voice search options enabled by artificial intelligence learn things and get better with every use. This means the more voice search is used by a person, the more accurate the results of the next searches.

But this is not the case with traditional typing. The user has to type every time manually. Each time, the probability of a mistake in typing remains the same because human beings do not become smarter every day like artificial intelligence. 

5. Voice AI has become a part of modern households now 

Every modern household is now equipped with voice-controlled devices. With the help of devices like Amazon Alexa and Google, Home people are using their voice commands to do tasks like switching on and off electrical devices.

Home appliances like vacuum cleaners and TV are coming with voice-command options. AI voice has definitely become an integral part of every modern household. Each person carrying a smartphone in their pocket is roaming with a device that can do numerous tasks with just their voice command.

With this ever-increasing use of AI voice in daily use devices for the general public, companies have no option but to adopt voice intelligence as soon as possible or get side-tracked by competitors.  

6. 46% of smart speaker owners use voice search to search for a local business 

Data from search engines have revealed that 46% of smart speaking devices owners use voice search for local businesses. This clearly means that it is not only the big global companies that need to optimize for voice search, but local businesses too can gain a lot by optimizing for voice search.

When people search for local businesses, they should find small businesses near them, and this can be possible only when small business owners too optimize for voice searches. Business owners who do not adopt this latest technology will be left behind in this rapidly evolving marketplace.

The current market trend shows that customers are moving towards voice searches, so, businesses need to be there.

Concluding Thoughts 

Voice intelligence software like Otter has become quite prevalent in today’s time. The time is not far when a mirrorless screen will take over voice AI. While technology is advancing at the speed of knots, it is time to go with the flow. 30

Pick up your smartphone and say – OK, Google – and continue searching for interesting facts about voice intelligence! 

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