3 things to keep in mind for Sales and Customer Success to work well together!
Episode 40 1:34 November 14, 2023
3 things to keep in mind for Sales and Customer Success to work well together!

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In the intricate dance between Sales and Customer Success, each step is a note in the symphony of customer satisfaction. The collaboration between these two functions is not just a process; it’s an ongoing commitment to understanding, supporting, and exceeding customer expectations..

  1. Establish a Knowledge Management System for continuity of information
  2. Create a Collaboration Cadence for meetings between CS & Sales
  3. Constantly re-evaluate and improve your Kick-off Meeting Playbook


Shruthi Sharma:
one would be establish a documentation system that’s centralized right and what I mean by that is like sales throughout all the conversations and interactions that are happening should be documenting and sharing like what is the customer talking about what are the pain points what are the what are the nuances of this customer that we’re not aware of right that’s a the it’s one place both the Cs individual and sales can go to reference um and it can be referenced across the organization as well so that’s one number two I would say really think about and it’s more of a guideline is having a collaboration meeting Cadence between the two teams internally right so there’s regular communication on both sides you know you know you’re going to come back to sales you know you’re going to come back to Cs and have this conversation very open dialogue um number three would be think about your current state of a kickoff meeting right what does your C customer kickoff meeting look like today because if it’s something’s not not sticking the right way with the customer then it’s it’s worth reevaluating so looking at the customer kickoff

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