EPISODE 14 : A Customer Success Platform Serves Diverse Stakeholders and Needs

EPISODE 14 2:04 mins

A Customer Success Platform Serves Diverse Stakeholders and Needs

July 12, 2021

Podcast Summary

[Micro Podcast] A Customer Success Platform caters to the diverse business and customer intelligence needs of different stakeholders—starting from the CSM all the way up to the CEO and Board.


Let me ask you this then you know, how, how should our Customer Success platform be arranged? Should it be aligned or oriented around the axis of customer in the center or around the axis of our own businesses in the center?

Yeah. So the practical answer, Rick, there is, it has to address both the needs. And you mentioned it earlier that there are different, you know, personas. When we look at our own platform, there are different personas who interact with it. There is the, you know, executive-level interactions. There is a head of CS interaction. There’s the CSM interaction, different roles have different needs, which is why a Customer Success tool is also not an easy, uh, you know, platform to build because of the diversity of data requirements and the diversity of insights required by different people. So the CFO or the CEO would expect business intelligence along with customer intelligence, out of a platform. The Customer Success manager largely requires customer intelligence because that’s what drives, you know, their goals and KPIs.

Because that’s what the customer needs. And the CSM is there to guide the customer.

Yeah, So it’s a balancing act. I think, uh, you know, the best, you know, structuring is just to do a proper,

So, And in effect, we need both views. We need to be able to take the same data and, and spin everything around and have it, have it to be oriented towards business intelligence. When we need to discuss how we are doing and oriented towards customer intelligence, when we’re discussing and thinking about how they are doing.

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