EPISODE 20 : Augmented Intelligence for Mitigating Customer Churn

EPISODE 20 1:40 mins

Augmented Intelligence for Mitigating Customer Churn

September 13, 2021

Podcast Summary

Create more “customer time” for your CS team by leveraging Augmented Intelligence and automation to connect your learning back into optimizing playbooks and processes.

Micro podcast excerpt from a conversation on Augmented Intelligence for Customer Success between Prithwi Dasgupta, CEO SmartKarrot, and Irit Eizips, CEO CSM Practice.


How can you leverage the augmented intelligence’s reports or capabilities to mitigate churn risks early?

Most organizations are not able to implement learning back into a proactive situation where you can avoid it. So, the correlations from that learning, which is the report, which can also be AI generated, needs to now impact your proactive operations.

Most organizations have playbooks today. So how are the playbooks being optimized basis that learning? Are you able to now connect that learning back into optimizing your playbooks, back into optimizing your processes, back into how your customer success operators are interacting with your customers?

How is your pricing sentiment happening? You know, how is your next feature release or past feature release impacting your, you know, net promoter score and the overall sentiments?

So, a lot of correlations can happen. The best benefit of being able to leverage out of a technology like AI is to be able to connect it to automation.

Can you do a lot of repetitive tasks? Can you automate a whole lot of it and do it intelligently enough, thereby providing more space and bandwidth for the practitioner to interact with the customer?

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