EPISODE 28 : Can Your Business Have More than One ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)?

EPISODE 28 01:54 mins

Can Your Business Have More than One ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)?

July 12, 2022

Podcast Summary

[MicroPodcast] Your business can have more than one ideal customer. It’s important to keep an open mind on it at the product-market fit stage (and optimize your strategy accordingly).


I was actually part of another webinar and there was a good question thrown at us. Uh, and, and the question was, and I think you’ll like it as well. The question was, uh, as a CSM member of a startup, uh, trying to get to, you know, a product-market fit. How do you balance out between an ideal customer and a non-ideal customer? Because that phase, you get both.

Oh, oh boy do you get both! Um, and I think this is where I would challenge that person, uh, to think about what is ideal and how do you know already so early on, right? Like while you’re still finding product-market fit, you might probably have a preconceived notion of what the ideal customer is, but you actually don’t know.

Like maybe you have the wrong stakeholder. Maybe you had the wrong champion. Maybe, you know, that person just, you know, you got that one person that’s actually ideal, but like, just doesn’t understand it for whatever reason. And I think, kind of keeping that open mind when it comes to customer success and your ideal customer is really important.

Because, you know, it could be that you have two different types of customers and there’s two different types of strategies and CS motions that you want to run. And also internally, how do I help communicate to every single department within my company, the differences between these two customers and what they need and how we want to strategize around them and how that kind of forms sales, marketing, etc.

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