EPISODE 21 : Change Management in the World of SaaS

EPISODE 21 1:22 mins

Change Management in the World of SaaS

September 22, 2021

Podcast Summary

The best part of the SaaS is, upgrades can be released frequently with ease & across the customer base, but the challenge lies in creating a culture of continuous learning.

[Micro Podcast] Excerpt from a conversation on Change Management in the World of SaaS between Prithwi Dasgupta, CEO SmartKarrot, and Jason C. Whitehead, Co-Founder Success Chain.



Would you consider change management to be a challenge which is sort of ignored in the industry right now? What are your takes on that?


You talked about this, too, like with the constant evolution of software and tools… is a lot of change management methodologies were really built prior to the world of SaaS, and a lot of change management was… how do we do a corporate merger? How do we do a restructure we’re going from the old way to the new way? And it’s a sort of a one-off point time change.

And with the world of SaaS and, you know, quick releases and all that great stuff, it’s really, as I described it, it’s changed the learning curve into a learning treadmill. And unless you have an ongoing effort to really get people to say this is what’s shifting now, this is what’s new this week, this is how we all need to do our jobs differently every week,… if you’re not constantly working on that and moving forward with that, with the message but also the underlying support, processes, and the incentives, and everything else, you are going to quickly fall behind.

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