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Episode 1:50 August 9, 2021
Evangelizing Customer Success Externally and Internally

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Evangelizing Customer Success—externally and, even more so, internally—is a necessary skill for CS Leaders.


What are your thoughts on having, umm, leaders in place that have an expertise around evangelizing? And I’m thinking of coming at it from that lens, that customer success is still relatively immature business practice. Do you feel that’s a skill that’s necessary? I see nodding heads. How about you Prithwi?

Yeah, I think so. And I think more than evangelizing it to the external community, I think it’s evangelizing it internally because you have enough and more people and budget thrown at evangelizing it outside anyway, but not too much thought about doing it. So the leader, in my opinion, in that role, has a huge contribution to make if he or she is able to drive this internally and get that alignment, which we spoke about, right up front I mean, that is really evangelizing it.

Yeah. I agree with that. Alan, any thoughts on that?

Yeah, I agree with Prithwi, actually, I think being able to be the face of the CS function and gain visibility amongst peer groups and so on through the organization comes from evangelizing. Right. So, yeah, absolutely. Um, externally as well, though.


Being the face of the company externally.

Two different skill sets in a sense, but I, I think almost the tougher job is doing the evangelizing internally.

It is, yeah.

Through experience. I can say that.

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