The Fast-Track Formula: Playbooks for Powering Up New Team Members
Episode 39 1:51 November 9, 2023
The Fast-Track Formula: Playbooks for Powering Up New Team Members

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Remember, a great Playbook isn’t just a Checklist; it’s a launchpad to turn your rookies into seasoned pros in no time!


Jason C. Whitehead:
Another area that I think people often miss that we didn’t talk about yet is having effective tools and playbooks in place also really makes it easier to get new csms up to speed quickly and to get people really performing their job well and you know many times when you have a new employee it’s easily 6 to 12 months for them to really be independent and moving forward and if you’re in a turnover situation that’s a problem where as you get these things baked in and you’re just tweaking them it makes it very easy for someone who’s new to your organization Junior in their career whatever it may be to get started and build up some quick confidence that they can do this and and be satisfied with the job and then they continue to grow mature in their role as they go but but I it really does cut down on the time for Effective onboarding getting customer employee up to speed as well as um changes how you need to on board and train your employee and having it right there and interactive and functional for them in a usable userfriendly format really um reduces a lot of cost and waste on that end too

Prithwi Dasgupta:
You know the learning applies even to a change of account scenario yeah

Jason C. Whitehead:
And I think the account changes um their entitlement changes over time as they up and down their service level and they’re spend with you but also most employees uh you know they want to grow in their career and they want to move into different areas so if they’ve been in one place for a while as they move into a new role or maybe they’re going from managing your lower tier accounts to your higher tier accounts it helps them be more confident and really um quickly get up to speed and in internal shifts as well too.

Prithwi Dasgupta:
Right right absolutely

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