From Interaction to Impact: Customer Success Needs to Focus on Mapping Customer Phases
Episode 49 4:01 February 9, 2024
From Interaction to Impact: Customer Success Needs to Focus on Mapping Customer Phases

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The prevailing trend is to focus on retention and growth. exploring the technicalities, and align CS strategies with evolving roles. The best CS teams are however ensuring customer journey structuring, and are learning how to map specific phases. They are noticing the enhanced performance (and advantages) by just getting this part done well.


Trend in 20124 which is customer Journey where people are you know retaining and growing their client base so they’re also structuring their customer Journey so why should a CST map their customer Journey yeah so uh you know I think there’s a little bit of technicality there I think uh and you know we use the term customer Journey uh you know intermittently for different reasons in the industry uh I think if you really look at customer Journey at least in my head it it really starts from the first interaction with the customer which may or may not be in the Cs realm it may be sales it may be marketing it may be the customer coming onto your website uh so that’s where and and the process of or the ability for you to understand each and every touch point with the customer what led to the closure attribute you know all the necessary spends and efforts you have made across different channels to that and then lead onto the post sales sort of phases the entirety of it all is really the customer Journey now CS makes a impact post sale or maybe even just before the sale that’s becoming more and more common now so I prefer to actually look at it and would encourage CS teams to really map out the phases in which they interact with the customer instead of looking at it from a journey which typically brings connotations of Automation and stuff like that uh into the discussion but this is more about what are you able to do and Achieve with the customer in the different phases in which you engage the customer with right so you may engage pre-sales uh to provide confidence to the customer during the sales process then there is certain things you need to do there so you need to prep for you you need to measure it you need to you know get better at it over over time so that is one phase you are interacting with then maybe onboarding then maybe implementation then maybe steady state then maybe adoption then maybe renewal then you there not rocket science there uh I think the the other piece which we are seeing now uh as a trend to your past question also about 2024 is because of the renewed focus of on CS there are a lot of organizations which are also relooking the Cs structure itself MH if there is more Focus which is going to be on growing existing accounts uh and revenue from existing accounts then you may need to look at including more skill sets uh in that phase of the customer Journey right so we are also seeing more and more involvement of sales it’s natural for people to say you know this guy closed the deal or you know he he’s the resource who Clos the deal and has a relationship and has a better skill set when it comes to a contract negotiation and contract discussion might as well bring them back during you know a contract discussion so now there is not only one sales Handover from sales to CS there are actually sometimes intermittent handovers back to sales also at times so we seeing that cross-pollination so I think now in the customer Journey context it becomes important to then map out the phases which the function is interacting with the customer and in those phases what are the roles uh internally who partici iate and what are these roles supposed to do I think that’s the most fundamental thing to be done when you’re talking about customer Journey uh as I said I preferred the word customer phases uh in in CS.

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