Confirmation Bias: How our beliefs influence how we interpret new information. - SmartKarrot l Customer Success Software
Episode 33 1:51 August 30, 2023
Confirmation Bias: How our beliefs influence how we interpret new information.

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If a customer really believes in you and your brand, they believe they’re getting that value… then if something happens, a hiccup of some kind, they take it their stride. But if they don’t believe that, they think, here’s just more evidence. This is why we never should have bought from you in the first place.


Ed.. one thing we discussed when we connected last time, and I thought that was very interesting.. you had specifically used a term called cognitive bias. So, what exactly and how would you define a belief in customer success and how does it relate to day-to-day customer success operations?
Ed Powers:
We’re after that renewal, we’re after that expansion. So, what causes that? Well, it has to do more and more I believe in beliefs… is generating beliefs about your company, about your brand, about your technology, about your solution… and when you have beliefs emerging within your accounts individually and collectively, those beliefs influence decisions… And we see that in our everyday life. And to your point, once we have a firm belief… how does that influence us?
That changes our thinking, right? We have confirmation bias. And a great example of that is… if a customer really believes in you and your brand, they believe they’re getting that, that value from you collectively… a lot of people feel that way. Then if something happens, a hiccup of some kind. They say… well, you know, I get it. These things happen. No big deal.  
But if they don’t believe that, what do they think? Well, here’s just more evidence. Here we go again. This is why we never should have bought from you in the first place. So those beliefs really influence our thinking and how we interpret new information. And it influences our repurchasing, our expansion, everything comes from that belief structure.

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