Mastering Customer Onboarding: Navigating Common Pitfalls & Solutions!
Episode 42 1:41 December 8, 2023
Mastering Customer Onboarding: Navigating Common Pitfalls & Solutions!

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Complexities of Customer Onboarding include resource management, time efficiency, and joint tracking to ensure a smooth customer experience. Managing customer expectations about effort and timelines up-front in a kick-off meeting might be a great way to start things off…


Morika Georgieva:
the first one is that come renewal your customer might actually say oh wait it actually took us 10 months to on board um we were told in the sales s it will it take us two okay it didn’t actually but maybe you didn’t you you understood on boarding very differently how we Define it um or we didn’t have that conversation at the start the second one is your resources internally are just going to get overwhelmed because if you’re not taking onboarding uh processes off your onboarding team’s play at one point by the end of the year you’re going to have people running 30 40 on boardings at the same time all of them are different points um and these people are going to get completely overwhelmed ultimately the quality of their delivery is going to suffer um the second big Pitfall that you’re runting is um not explaining to customers what you expect them to do and within one timeline um if uh you’re relying on your customers to do particular deployment Define particular areas or bring in particular parts of their team into the conversation and they’re not doing it if you go to them and you say hey like I expect to do XY Z and you haven’t done it the customer is always going to default you but you didn’t tell me I had to do that i p I bought this tool because they told me it was really easy deployment and onboarding no one told me I had to do something like this.

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