EPISODE 02 : Motivating Customers through Success Stories

EPISODE 02 01:22 mins

Motivating Customers through Success Stories

February 25, 2021

Podcast Summary

[Micro Podcast] Drive engagement by showcasing success stories and case studies of your customers!


The other piece of feedback I have is… take it further, don’t stop at the CSM, take it to the customers, the customers need to hear about successes of other customers, don’t stop with the CSM, it’s good to celebrate internally but as much as you can… and as intelligently you can do [it], put it out and not have it be the same flavor of some marketing spam, right? That you get… that is all this ra-ra-ra… it doesn’t have any substance for me… versus a lot of the things that I see here are keeping my team motivated then I think could keep the customers motivated as well.

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