Navigating Metrics: Overcoming Challenges in Measuring Customer Success.
Episode 47 1:54 February 5, 2024
Navigating Metrics: Overcoming Challenges in Measuring Customer Success.

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There are REAL challenges of measuring marketing impact on customer success. It is important to realize the impact of data collection hurdles, filtering constructive feedback, discovering strategies and setting realistic expectations.


Focusing on these matrices and the marketing effort in the right direction to set the right expectations what challenges or obstacles have you encountered when actually measuring the impact of these initiatives in customer success and if you have had any strategy to overcome them yeah I think the main challenge is actually collecting that information um at least for my personal experience um obviously qualitative data like U let’s say turn retention rate all of these require tools and they require proper tracking internally which is not necessarily the case especially in smaller companies and we’ve encountered that not only within our own agency but also with clients that we’ve work with uh there are so many uh things that you can track that at some point it gets overwhelming to figure out which are the main kpis uh that would drive the that would move the needle and drive the the biggest results and then even once you have that uh also from a quantitive um research and like asking actually qu questions to clients a lot of them are somewhat reluctant to share real feedback uh I mean people obviously don’t want to share negative feedback and so they always focus more on the positive or they would only share negative uh feedback if they’re really really unhappy and are ready to leave uh so it’s kind of difficult to uh out actually the constructive feedback uh from customers uh which then makes it more difficult to figure out what you should communicate from a marketing perspective.

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