Navigating the Business Terrain: Customer Success in the Spotlight
Episode 48 3:01 February 7, 2024
Navigating the Business Terrain: Customer Success in the Spotlight

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Organizations are now intensifying their focus on Customer Success, and realizing the imperative of managing existing customer relationships better, for sustained growth.


Why should customer success be your focus in 2024 yeah so interesting question Shivani you know uh every year for the last couple of years we have seen uh know increased focus on customer success and 2024 is not going to be any different however there are a few things which I think uh happened uh or got experienced by most organizations in 2023 uh which also lead to uh this renewed focus on customer success uh one is I think uh the economic macroeconomic conditions overall uh put a lot of pressure on most organizations uh both in terms of net new sales as well as in terms of you know retention growth in existing accounts what that also did though is uh put more focus on managing retaining and growing your existing book of business right so the focus on growing revenue and retaining revenue from your existing customer pool uh was felt more and more in 2023 because traction was less so you know board sat down this what can we do so all you can do is manage your existing customer put your heads down try and grow them try and retain them so on so forth I think that carries into as a fundamental premise now uh for organizations who have gone through that cycle and G and seen the benefits of being genuinely able to do a good job of maintaining and growing your existing customer base uh to continue doing that so that’s that’s why I think number one uh the focus on CS is actually going to increase a little bit in in 2024 also naturally I think over the last couple of years uh due to the community due to you know other reasons due to their own experience more and more CEO boards uh executive management teams in organizations are more aware of Cs as a you know philosophy and CS as a function more and more now now still I do sense a lot of people still have their own definitions around CS uh but but they’re you know it’s more and more converging into we do need to do better in this particular area so I think that’s the other piece which will lead to uh a more focus on CS the third thing which I think you are aware we have been a proponent of for a long time is there’s no better way to you know run your business than grow your existing accounts so I think that’s that’s the other piece uh which probably uh will drive renewed focus into CS in 2024

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Our Guests

Shivani Chaturvedi

Shivani is a talented CS manager with the skillsets to elicit, scope and manage end-to-end B2B SaaS project delivery. She has a keen interest in depicting her learnings in customer success by writing resourceful blogs and articles.

Meet the Host

Prithwi Dasgupta

Co-founder, SmartKarrot

Join Prithwi Dasgupta in his pursuit of Customer Success for All as he tracks the paths of trailblazers and unlocks founder insights. The Customer Success Intelligence Podcast is meant to spark conversation and ignite the CS community.

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