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Episode 50 1:19 February 12, 2024
Positive attitude is the secret sauce for CSMs

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CSMs who thrive maintain a resilient and solutions-oriented approach, even in challenging situations.


One other thing is also positive attitude now this sounds like a very basic thing but uh for a CSM I think it’s really really important because we are working with a customer for good 12 months you know like the sales cycle might be two or three months we close the business and we work with the customer for entire 12 months and a lot of issues that happen with the Cs with a particular account starting from onboarding with adoption challenges expansion challenges or with the retention challenges or growth challenges I think the whole life cycle teaches us a lot and I think it’s important to keep that positive attitudes attitude because one of the challenges can be you know like there’s a Handover from CS sales to CS and the stakeholder churn happens you know like that becomes like a block for you know like at the beginning of the relationship but I think a good opportunity also to build your relationship with a new stakeholder from scrap.

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