EPISODE 26 : The Evolution of AI-Powered Customer Success

EPISODE 26 01:32 mins

The Evolution of AI-Powered Customer Success

March 3, 2022

Podcast Summary

[MicroPodcast] AI enables companies to cater to many more customers than they ever could. We will see this trend growing and AI becoming much more evolved in the next five years.


I think the most exciting thing is that we have a lot of AI enablement, new software companies, and that category is starting to emerge much more than it did in 2013 when I started in customer success for Gainsight. Back then, if you wanted to do AI…haha… you had to have a prediction analyst, like a statistician on your team, to analyze your data and give you an algorithm that was hopefully correct for at least six months or a year out. Now you have the technology in place to actually be able to harvest your data… like involve AI and customer. And, I think, Prithwi, if I’m not mistaken, SmartKarrot is going into the same direction, right?


Can we enable AI to infuse it into our technology to help all those companies cater many more customers in just that upper echelon? So, that’s the trends we are seeing in 2021. And I know this is about prediction; my prediction is that we’re going to see it much more evolved in the next five years, not just 2022!

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