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Episode 1:24 July 23, 2021
The First Step to Successful Customer Success Leadership Hiring

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The C-Suite’s understanding of the CS leadership role—the playbooks they will execute, the ROI they will produce, and the support they will need—is key to making the right hire.


The headline with the leadership hire is often that the person will come in and design and execute the playbook. That comes up more often than not, but when you actually pushed on that, leadership’s understanding of what a playbook is and how it needs to be resourced is very sketchy, at best. And it’s almost a cliched statement now for them to say that during a briefing, to the point where you know it’s coming and when you’re talking with them. But, I think the actual understanding of what’s required to do that, and what it’s going to cost, number of heads that they’re going to need, umm…

How long will it take…

And how long it’s going to take, absolutely. And what the ROI is over, and you’re quite right, the ROI over what time period?

Exactly… and that’s the thing… it’s easy to make a hundred thousand dollars in ten years; it’s harder to make it in ten months.


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Alan Fecamp, Founder, Just Digital

Vrushali is a passionate and accomplished professional with expertise in digital marketing. She has a proven track record of driving successful outcomes for businesses. Vrushali loves traveling and exploring new places.

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