EPISODE 19 : The Importance of Adaptable Processes for Customer Success

EPISODE 19 2:03 mins

The Importance of Adaptable Processes for Customer Success

September 13, 2021

Podcast Summary

Customers differ in their needs and expectations. So, you need to have multiple adaptable processes for different sets of customers.

Micro podcast excerpt from a conversation on Customer Success Disasters between Alan Fecamp, Peter Armaly, Prithwi Dasgupta, and Rick Adams.


Let’s move on to disasters in process. If the people are the ones who do the work, it’s process that determines what work they actually do. So, it therefore plays an essential role in ensuring the right things get done to the right quality and that the team are performing the role effectively and productively.

In this section, first potential disaster is trying to provide the same service to all customers. Prithwi, it’s your turn to kick us off. So, what’s the big deal with providing just one type of CS service for all customers and why might this lead to disaster?

Yeah, and the simple answer, Peter, there, as we all know, is no customer is the same and neither are their expectations out of their purchasing process when they bought your product or service. Um, so treating them the same is obviously not going to work. Having said that, so it’s a little bit of a, you know, dichotomy to the process aspect of it. So, I try to look at it as probably adaptable processes. You have to adapt your process. You have multiple processes for multiple different sets of customers.

I believe, from a SmartKarrot standpoint, we have built out the most complex and comprehensive and relevant playbooks, which is really process, which is, what we are saying how do we implement a process. But it cannot be so rigid that, you know, you just try and paste it across everyone and everything in your organizations.

Can it adhere to and adapt to different customer segments and groups? And I think that’s the disaster of not linking the process piece. You need processes. You need multiple adaptable processes for different sets of customers.

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, that’s excellent.

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