EPISODE 12 : The Key Questions Every Customer Success Leader Must Answer

EPISODE 12 1:44 mins

The Key Questions Every Customer Success Leader Must Answer

June 30, 2021

Podcast Summary

[Micro Podcast] Every Customer Success Leader must answer some strategic questions for their company, customers, team, and themselves. Being able to successfully answer these questions is a make-or-break, yet learnable, leadership skill.


What are the key questions that a Customer Success Leader has to either answer for their company or the for the customer and for their own team and of course for themselves?

And using that question format allows each of us to take a slightly different take on it so that might be able to customize if you know the questions that are coming at you. And not the tactical questions… the real big strategic…

What is the value of this function why should we invest in it your company may be asking you. Your clients may be asking how do I know if I’m on track with what I’m supposed to be doing? That is a big question, not a technical how-to.

And so being able to put this in a question context allows us to… what we’re then teaching or learning together is how to answer those questions it makes it immediately applicable back on the job, uh makes the training transfer more easily so it’s relevant, and really puts some power behind the practice of leadership for customer success folks, uh.

So really excited about this next phase of you know pulling in more people as contributors, as learners in the cohort, and uh and really dig in and see where we can take it.

No excellent I think and and you know I’m glad you brought up the uh the questions part of it, Marty, because that’s what attracted me and SmartKarrot to this initiative.

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