EPISODE 22 : The Key to Achieving Sustainable User Adoption

EPISODE 22 1:46 mins

The Key to Achieving Sustainable User Adoption

September 27, 2021

Podcast Summary

Adoption is not a one-time activity. Sustainable user adoption is all about continuously matching the pace of evolution of your product to that of your customers’ business environment.


I saw you mention sustainable adoption which was very interesting to me because most people look at adoption in isolation and say it’s a one-time activity. So, obviously sustainable adoption is something which is the hard truth that you need to continuously keep improving like everything else there. So, what’s your take there?

I remember 20 years ago when we were having on-premise software, and… it took probably 6 months-12 months even more before we could have an upgrade of whatever version it was. But now it’s so fast-paced that… a lot of software companies… every month they have a new release.

So, that in itself means in terms of adoption then you got to make sure that your customers are aware of what are the new features which they need to adopt into their business environments. And, their own business environments are fast-paced as well, they’re changing all the time.

So, what we have to do is to meet forces between you as a vendor and your fast-paced product evolution, and the evolution of your customers’ own environments, right? And you have to make sure there is a match there all the time. So, this notion of sustainable adoption is really all about that.

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