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Episode 1:57 August 20, 2021
The Role of Product Usage Data in Mitigating Customer Churn

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A nuanced understanding of product usage data by persona is essential to know if your key stakeholders are seeing value out of your product.

Micro podcast excerpt from a conversation on Augmented Intelligence for Customer Success between Prithwi Dasgupta, CEO SmartKarrot, and Irit Eizips, CEO CSM Practice.


A lot of companies talk about how to have usage data in order to track churn as an early warning system and to be able, thereby, mitigate churn risk. What do you think about usage data? And what role does it play in mitigating churn risk, in your opinion?

The actual answer lies in the details of what you use as data and how are you calculating usage data.

And I’ll give you a few examples because you know if you’re saying who has logged in as usage data, people may log in and then log out, it will still count as usage, but they are still not using the system. Things are oriented towards this login data.

Nuances there are, which systems typically or solutions what we have seen, are used by different personas within the organization. So, depending on who the persona is, are you able to map the usage to that? So, see, most platforms let’s say have a reporting or a BI layer. Ours does too. And usage of that module is typically more with the admin, with the finance, with the CXO layer, not as much with the CSM, managers themselves. But then even we are looking at usage, are we able to see who’s using it?

So, if the right persona is using the right set of features, then you are good. Otherwise, if you overall, you aggregate it out, you may have your key stakeholders or the decision-makers who are actually not using it and not seeing value out of it whilst you drive a lot of usage amongst the other personas, you may still loose the account.

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Our Guests

Irit Eizips, Chief Customer Officer & CEO, CSM Practice

Vrushali is a passionate and accomplished professional with expertise in digital marketing. She has a proven track record of driving successful outcomes for businesses. Vrushali loves traveling and exploring new places.

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Prithwi Dasgupta

Co-founder, SmartKarrot

Join Prithwi Dasgupta in his pursuit of Customer Success for All as he tracks the paths of trailblazers and unlocks founder insights. The Customer Success Intelligence Podcast is meant to spark conversation and ignite the CS community.

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